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[Land of Squid Game] Being 1-year-old when born

By Korea Herald

Published : June 8, 2022 - 10:43

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Did you know that a South Korean baby born on New Year’s Eve is already 2 years old when the clock strikes 12? Yes, believe it or not, how Koreans calculate their age might leave you startled if you have never heard this before.

In South Korea, a newborn baby is already 1 year old on the day of their birth and then gets an additional year when the calendar hits the new year.

This is because in Korea, age is calculated from the day of conception. Boom! That means you become a year or two older when you visit South Korea.

By Min Byoung-chul

Min Byoung-chul is an endowed chair professor at Chung-Ang University who is widely known as a multicultural educator and for his practical English education. This content is based on his book, “Land of Squid Game,” which can be purchased at major book stores. -- Ed.