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Recorded Future Arms Defenders With the Most Complete Intelligence Purpose-Built for Action


Published : May 12, 2022 - 23:20

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New platform release further strengthens capabilities to prevent brand abuse, detect compromised credentials, visualize and prioritize threats, and defend attack surfaces

BOSTON, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recorded Future, the world's largest intelligence company, today announced a major new release of its cloud-based Intelligence Platform with new capabilities for exposing and remediating threats to organizations' brands, identities, and attack surfaces.

Threats continue to accelerate and converge in today's digital-first world, and adversaries are taking advantage, infiltrating weak targets with cyber, physical, disinformation, and even kinetic attacks. With the latest release of its Intelligence Platform, Recorded Future expands on the most comprehensive coverage of intelligence across adversaries, their infrastructure, and targets, giving clients the visibility they need to take decisive action to disrupt adversaries.

"Staying a step ahead of state-sponsored and criminal threat actors has never been more challenging. With Recorded Future's latest release, organizations have powerful new tools to prevent brand abuse, detect compromised credentials, visualize and prioritize threats, and defend attack surfaces." – Craig Adams, Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Recorded Future

Real-Time, Internet-Wide Monitoring of Brand Threats
Only Recorded Future Brand Intelligence uses mass-scale machine learning to detect threats across the internet to a brand's logo, typo-squats, and malicious domains. Now, organizations are able to monitor past and current threats in real time with new functionality that surfaces threat details and provides playbooks for validating and responding to findings. Also added is internet-scale logo abuse detection with character recognition to initiate takedowns anywhere on the internet.

Going Beyond Multi-Factor Authentication
With over 10 billion identities and enhanced coverage across sources such as malware logs, data leaks, and credential harvesting, Recorded Future Identity Intelligence helps to detect compromised identities in real time, providing an extra layer of defense beyond multi-factor authentication. In addition, Identity Intelligence boosts the effectiveness of Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions through integrations that infuse intelligence into existing processes and workflows.

Protecting an Expanding Attack Surface
Proactive attack surface management is vital as cloud migration increasingly exposes organizations to a new and more complex attack surface. Recorded Future Attack Surface Intelligence provides a unified view of external infrastructure, prioritizing the riskiest assets for remediation based on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and out-of-policy assets, and reduces an organization's attack surface.

Visualizing Threats Targeting Organizations and Governments
With Recorded Future Threat Intelligence, organizations can interactively prioritize threats and proactively hunt adversaries before they become a target. Recorded Future prioritizes the threat actors and TTPs specific to each organization; provides insight into the attack lifecycle and attacker behaviors aligned to the MITRE heatmap; and provides automatic downloads for YARA and Sigma rules based on emerging threats, enabling security teams to take immediate action.

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About Recorded Future
Recorded Future is the world's largest intelligence company. Recorded Future's cloud-based Intelligence Platform provides the most complete coverage across adversaries, infrastructure, and targets. By combining persistent and pervasive automated data collection and analytics with human analysis, Recorded Future provides real-time visibility into the vast digital landscape and empowers clients to take proactive action to disrupt adversaries and keep their people, systems, and infrastructure safe. Headquartered in Boston with offices and employees around the world, Recorded Future works with more than 1,400 businesses and government organizations across more than 60 countries. Learn more at