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[Today’s K-pop] Pentagon’s new EP will pull you right in

(Credit: Cube Entertainment)
(Credit: Cube Entertainment)

Pentagon held a media showcase Monday to mark the release of its 12th EP “In:Vite U.”

The nine-member band is returning with new music about 10 months since “Love or Take” and as the title of the EP suggests, invites listeners to a new world.

Jinho, who has rejoined after 1 1/2 years having served his military duty, confided that he had to practice a lot after not singing and dancing for a long time.

“I gained as much as 10 kilograms because I ate so much instant noodles ... it was painstaking to lose all the weight,” he added.

It is great to have him back, said Wooseok, especially since Hongseok and Hui are not here.

“With [Jinho as] a main vocalist, we could try more bold attempts,” he said.

Jinho, Kino and Wooseok participated in writing the lyrics for main track “Feeling Like.” It was selected from over 500 candidates through a blind test, explained Yeo One, and since the members had their hands on it, they could express it better.

“While working on the album with Wooseok, I realized that he not only has been writing raps besides Hui, but also absorbed all his knowhow,” said Shinwon, acknowledging that he has come to respect the bandmate musically.

DAY6’s Wonpil to put out 1st solo LP next month
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Wonpil of DAY6 will come out with the first full album as a solo musician on Feb. 7, announced label JYP Entertainment Monday.

The name of the album is “Pilmography,” combining the last letter of his name and filmography.

This is the first album he is releasing on his own, almost 6 1/2 years since he debuted as the keyboardist and vocal for the team. He also has been prolific as a songwriter, having written as many as 100 songs so far, including many of the band’s hit songs. He will be the band’s third member to put out a solo album, following Young K and Dowoon.

Last month, he debuted as an actor as well, appearing in a web drama “Best Mistake.” 

Meanwhile, DAY6 shrank to a quartet as of Dec. 31, 2021 as Jae, the oldest member of the team, decided to cancel the contract with the management firm due to personal reasons.

Viviz will officially debut with 1st EP in February
(Credit: Big Planet Made)
(Credit: Big Planet Made)

Eunha, SinB and Umji, formerly of GFriend, will debut as Viviz with their first EP on Feb. 9, said agency Big Planet Made on Monday.

A teaser trailer revealed the title of the EP, “Beam of Prism,” showing the three performers sitting with their backs to the camera, each with different hair color.

The trio debuted as members of GFriend in 2015 and after their contracts with Source Music expired in May last year, formed a new group signing with the new company in October.

Last week, Viviz decided on the name of its official fandom community - Na.V. It combines “na” which means “I” in Korean and the band’s name. Viviz is a combination in itself, shortening “vivid” and “dayz.”

FNC finalizes members to debut in Japan
(Credit: FNC Japan)
(Credit: FNC Japan)

The final members who will debut through an audition program in Japan have been decided, according to FNC Japan on Monday.

The Japanese arm of FNC Entertainment co-produced “Who Is Princess?” a survival format audition show, with Japanese broadcaster NTV. The first episode aired in October last year and 15 trainees from FNC Japan took a series of challenges and missions to make the team. The show was broadcast in over 220 regions.

After the final episode ran on Sunday, the five finalists were named -- Rinko, Uta, Nana, Rin and Yukino -- and all are in middle school. The name of the band is Prikil, melding princess, from the show title, and kil, indicating killer charms.

By Hwang You-mee

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