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SF9 says ‘Rumination’ describes their identity

Boy band SF9 performs new song “Trauma” during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)
Boy band SF9 performs new song “Trauma” during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)

As the frosty season is just around the corner, boy band SF9 hopped on the winter music craze by bringing out a song for chilly nights to warm listeners into a sensual mood.

The group dropped the 10th EP, “Rumination,” nearly four months after the previous release to stake out an identity as performers on another level.

In an online press conference Monday, the band said its 10th EP is a prequel to their “9lory” universe, which talks about the history of the nine bandmates who were left apart in the real world before stepping into 9lory.

The boy band added that in line with the album’s title, the album describes how they are in agony because of “rumination,” but they eventually heal each other’s pain by soothing the nine broken pieces that had been tailored to them. 

(FNC Entertainment)
(FNC Entertainment)

Youngbin said the bandmates have been very active in different fields like musicals and TV dramas, which is why he said the group’s latest release is more than just an album. The leader added that the group is back together on stage after nearly four months.

Inseong went on the say that it is a “moment of glory” for the group that signals the start of a new future for SF9. Talking about what fans should pay attention to, the vocalist said all the bandmates have become more mature. “All the members have been upgraded, and has our seductiveness,” he added. 

Boy band SF9 performs new song “Trauma” during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)
Boy band SF9 performs new song “Trauma” during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)

Known as “homme-fatales” in the music scene, the K-pop act said they are poised to be more coquettish and sexually alluring this time. Leading the album is “Trauma,” the track that best highlights the group’s identity.

Taeyang added the group decided to bring out a fast-paced song that could excite fans and make it onto listeners’ playlists. Hwiyoung also said the band tried to sing and perform more aggressively onstage.

As a self-made idol group, all the bandmates participated in the songwriting processes to meld together the emotions and feelings behind dreaming, affection, breaking up and gratitude.

The rapping portion of the group -- Youngbin, Zuho and Hwiyoung -- wrote the words to “Trauma.” Producer Zuho once again listed himself as a composer and as lyricist for “For Fantasy,” a song that talks about his love for the band’s fandom.

“It’s a song that I made three years ago. As the name of the title suggests, it’s about thanking fans for delighting us every day. I made the song, but I wanted all the bandmates to engage in this track because I thought that there was a certain message that each of us wanted to say to fans or words that we weren’t able to say because it was a little too cheesy,” he said.

Talking about the fan song, the group also thanked fans by saying that their fans bring them excitement and happiness, especially when they release or do something new.

The latest release is also peppered with R&B track “Memory,” “Dreams,” “Gentleman,” “On and On” and “Scenario.”

When asked what the group wishes to achieve through the new album, Jaeyoon said the numbers and records of how the group is doing on the music charts could be considered essential. But instead of expressing high hopes, the vocalist said he wants to make more memories to cherish with fans because he hasn’t had the chance in recent months.

Zuho chimed in, “If we had to choose what we wish to achieve through this promotion, it would be gaining a better record than our previous album. But as Jaeyoon has mentioned, the best achievement would be being able to meet fans through various channels.”

Closing the event, Youngbin said he wants to show to fans and the public that SF9 is a group that can have different concepts tailored to them -- both masculine and cute. He went on to say that SF9 does not plan to limit themselves as a group that only does a particular genre. The rapper said the group had never rested on their laurels and promised they never would.

The leader also said he hopes the latest seven-track collection could be an album that sticks in people’s mind.

The album released Monday at 6 p.m.

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