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[팟캐스트] (418) 결혼식 49인 제한에 ‘불공평’ 외치는 예비부부 / 한국관광공사 “2026년까지 울릉도 관광객 100만 시대 연다”

By Korea Herald

Published : Aug. 25, 2021 - 09:32

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진행자: 간형우, Paul Kerry

1. Weddings again under threat as ‘unfair’ Level 4 rules allow only up to 49 guests

요약: 결혼식 하객 49인 제한을 두고 정부 탁상행정 비판하는 예비부부들

[1] Wedding ceremonies in South Korea face another round of cancellations and disappointment, as restrictive virus rules limit the number of guests and force organizers to pivot from their game plans.

*restrictive: 제한하는
*pivot: (축을 중심으로) 회전하다

[2] At the moment, Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi Province are under Level 4 social distancing rules, limiting the number of guests at weddings there to 49. The rule is not likely to be relaxed anytime soon, which has drawn immense anger from to-be-married couples and wedding venues alike.

*at the moment: 지금, 그때
*immense: 엄청난

[3] Officials and experts have estimated the worst may be yet to come, with some speculating the current rules will remain in place at least until the end of the Chuseok holiday period in late September.

*speculate: 추측, 짐작하다
*remain: 계속 ~ 이다, 남다

[4] With little chance of rules being relaxed in sight, some couples have been postponing their weddings, while others have no choice but to hold their ceremonies as scheduled with empty seats, incurring financial damages from the still-running buffets.

*in sight: 시야 안에
*postpone: 연기하다, 미루다
*incur: (좋지 못한 상황을) 초래하다, (비용을) 물게 되다

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2. KTO sets goal to attract a million visitors to Ulleungdo

요약: '2026년 울릉도 방문객 100만명 유치'를 위해 업무협약을 맺은 한국관광공사와 울릉군청, 리조트 운영사 코오롱글로텍

[1] With the aim of boosting the presence of Ulleungdo as a global tourist destination for both local and global visitors in the next five years, the Korea Tourism Organization has joined hands with Ulleung County and Kolon Glotech, Inc., the KTO announced Friday.

*presence: 존재, 있음
*join hands with: ~와 손을 잡다

[2] Ulleungdo, an island east of South Korea is 72.86 square kilometers in size, and has a population of about 10,153. The island is known for its well preserved natural environment along the coast and its geographic significance, overlooking Dokdo and other historically meaningful islands.

*known for: ~로 알려진
*preserve: 지키다, 보존하다
*overlook: 못 보고 넘어가다, 바라보다

[3] Over the five-year period, the three organizations will actively carry out both business and cultural projects with a goal of raising Ulleungdo’s annual visitors to 1 million by 2026.

*carry out: 수행하다
*raise: 들어올리다

[4] Planned projects include supporting a variety of tourism content and improving the island’s accommodation infrastructure through the introduction and promotion of the Korea Quality certified designation system created by the KTO to help tourists select ensured quality accommodations and services. The KTO also plans to develop tourism products linked to Ulleungdo’s key features.

*accommodation: 숙소, 숙박 시설
*feature: 특색, 특징

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