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[팟캐스트] (413) 북한 김정은이 K-POP을 ‘악성 암’이라 부른 까닭/ 문재인 대통령 방일 계획무산

By Korea Herald

Published : July 21, 2021 - 11:57

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Graphic by The Korea Herald (123rf, tvN) Graphic by The Korea Herald (123rf, tvN)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. [Weekender] Why is Kim Jong-un clamping down on millennials, K-pop and slang?
기사요약: 김정은 북한 국무위원장이 최근 K팝을 ‘악성 암(vicious cancer)’이라고 부르며 북한 내에 한류가 퍼지는 것을 경고했다.

[1] North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a new concern: how to control the country’s younger generation.

The 37-year-old leader warned in April  that “a serious change” was taking place in the “ideological and mental state” of young North Koreans, and that their ideological education was vital /to the survival of the party and the country.
*take place: 개최되다, 일어나다
*vital: 필수적인

[2] Furthermore, the reclusive regime has been cracking down hard on the attire, speaking habits and culture of North Korean millennials, also known as the Jangmadang Generation -- people in their 20s and 30s who grew up during the country’s famine /in the mid-1990s.
*reclusive: 은둔한, 쓸쓸한
*regime: 정권, 제도, 체제
*crack down (on): 엄중 단속 하다
*attire: 의복, 복장
*famine: 기근

[3] The clampdown against what the North calls “anti-socialist acts” appears to reflect concern that if the younger generation -- which has experienced capitalism and foreign culture -- goes unchecked, it could create cracks in the regime’s legitimacy and potentially jeopardize Kim’s dynastic grip on the country, observers say.
*clampdown: (기습) 단속 
*go unchecked: 제멋대로 되어가다, 억제되지 않다
*legitimacy: 합법성, 타당성
*jeopardize: 위태롭게 하다

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2. Moon not visiting Japan for summit with Suga
기사 요약: 도쿄올림픽 계기로 논의됐던 문재인 대통령의 방일 계획이 무산됐다. 이에 따라 스가 요시히데 총리와의 첫 대면 정상회담도 무산이 됐다.

[1] President Moon Jae-in has decided not to visit Japan for a summit with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga timed with the Summer Olympics this week, Cheong Wa Dae said Monday, after lewd remarks by a Japanese diplomat regarding Moon sparked fresh tension amid already strained diplomatic ties between the two countries.
*lewd: 외설적인
*strained: 껄끄러운, 불편한

[2] The last-minute announcement comes as the two countries have been discussing Moon’s possible visit to the Japanese capital to attend the Olympics that kicks off on Friday.
*last-minute: 마지막 순간의, 막바지의
*kick off: 개시, 시작하다


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