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[팟캐스트] (410) 청와대 ‘20대 1급 공무원 발탁’ 논란 / 새로운 웨이브 ‘메타버스’

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Published : June 30, 2021 - 11:36

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Park Seong-min (Yonhap) Park Seong-min (Yonhap)

진행자: 최정윤, Brolley Genster

1. Cheong Wa Dae under fire for appointing student as senior official

요약: 20대 대학생 박성민 씨를 청년비서관으로 발탁한 최근 청와대의 결정이 청년들의 박탈감과 박 비서관의 자격 미달 등의 논란을 낳고 있다.

[1] Cheong Wa Dae’s recent pick of a 24-year-old college student as a senior official handling youth policy is facing backlash both from opposition party members and young job seekers.

*be/come under fire: 포격을 받다 / 비난을 받다
*face: ~을 마주보다[향하다] / (상황에, 이) 직면하다,닥쳐오다/ (힘든 사실을) 직시하다
*backlash: 사회·정치적 변화에 대한 반발을 이르는 말
*job seeker: 구직자

[2] On Wednesday, Park Seong-min, a former supreme council member of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea who studies Korean language and literature at Korea University in Seoul, started her work as a secretary for the presidential political affairs office.

*former: (특정한 지위에 있던) 과거의 / (둘 중에) 전자의 (→latter)
*supreme council: 최고회의
*political affairs: 정무 정치나 국가 행정에 관계되는 사무

[3] But online communities have seen complaints pour in as angry young job seekers, especially those preparing for the highly competitive civil servant exam, question the fairness of her appointment. “Most civil servants start as Grade 5 officials and it takes more than 30 years for them to become Grade 2 officials,” an association of aides to lawmakers at the main opposition People Power Party said in a statement.

*pour in: 쏟아져 들어오다
*highly competitive: 경쟁률이 높은
*fairness: 공정성

[4] President Moon Jae-in’s senior political secretary Lee Cheol-hee disputed that view in a radio interview on Tuesday. “Her capabilities have already been fully reviewed before the appointment,” he said.

*dispute: 반박하다, 이의를 제기하다
*capabilities: 능력, 역량

기사 원문:

2. Invitation to Metaverse

요약: MZ 세대의 놀이터인 3차원 가상세계 ‘메타버스’가 새로운 물결을 일으키고 있다.

[1] To those who have difficulty in grasping the characteristics of the younger generations of millennials and Gen Z -- pay attention to the “metaverse.” A combination of “meta” and “universe,” the term refers to a virtual world shared by people from the real world.

*grasp: 꽉 잡다, 움켜잡다/ 파악하다, 완전히 이해하다
*combination of A and B: A와 B의 조합
*refer to: 지칭하다, ~를 나타내다/ 참고하다

[2] In the beginning, it looked like nothing more than a game, or virtual playground for younger people. But it is now a serious world of a digital economy, where a virtual Gucci bag resold for $4,115, higher than its real-world value. Drawn to the huge potential the metaverse concept presents, businesses are getting ready to, or are already making the moves to, tap into the virtual world.

*serious: 심각한/ 진지한/ 중요한, 주목할 만한
*potential: 가능성
*make move: 조치를 취하다, 작업을 시작하다/ 수작을 걸다
*tap into: ~를 활용(이용)하다/ ~에게 다가가다

[3] “Since the main user base, consisting of the MZ generations, is highly attractive to retailers and fashion brands, many business-to-business partnerships are underway,” said a public relations official at Naver. It has raised profits from marketing collaborations with renowned brands like Nike and Gucci. Around 5 million Nike shoes have been sold in Zepeto, exceeding in-person offline sales.

*be underway: 시작되다/ 진행 중이다
*exceed: 넘다, 초월하다/ (허용 한도를) 초과하다

[4] Naver seeks to make Zepeto another complete world where the MZ generations can make a living, for example by making money from creating virtual products and services, and also go shopping with virtual money and enjoy in-world entertainment.

*seek to: ~하려고 하다/ 시도하다
*make a living: 생계/살림을 꾸리다 , 돈을 벌다

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