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[팟캐스트] (401) 윤여정, 한국 최초 아카데미 여우조연상 수상 / 산에 버려진 쓰레기를 줍는 ‘클린 하이커스’

By Korea Herald

Published : April 28, 2021 - 14:46

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진행자: 간형우, Paul Kerry 

1. Youn Yuh-jung wins Oscar for supporting actress

요약: 윤여정, 한국 영화사 최초로 아카데미 여우조연상 수상

[1] Veteran actor Youn Yuh-jung, 73, won the best supporting actress prize at the 93rd Academy Awards on Monday for her portrayal of eccentric grandmother Soon-ja in the American film “Minari.”

*veteran: 숙련가 (어떤 분야에 오랫동안 종사하여 기술이 뛰어나거나 노련한 사람.) 전문가
*portrayal: 묘사
*eccentric: 괴짜인, 별난, 기이한

[2] With the win, she became the first Korean to win an Oscar trophy in an acting category. No other Korean actor, including those from last year’s breakthrough Oscar winner “Parasite,” had received any trophies from the Academy Award.

*with ~: ~와 함께, ~로
*breakthrough: 돌파구

[3] “Tremendous thanks to Academy members who vote for me,” Youn said during her acceptance speech made at Union Station in Los Angeles, where this year‘s Academy Awards ceremony was held in a hybrid form.

*tremendous: 엄청난, 대단한, 굉장한
*acceptance speech: 수상 소감

[4] “Minari” depicts the story of a first-generation Korean immigrant family of four -- dad Jacob (Yeun), mom Monica (Han), son David (Kim) and daughter Anne (Cho). The family relocates to rural Arkansas to pursue the American dream. One day, grandma Soon-ja comes to America to look after the two children. At first, David does not like Soon-ja, but as they spend time together she starts to grow on him.

*depict: 그리다, 묘사하다
*first-generation: (이민) 1세대
*grow on ~: 점점 ~의 마음에 들게 되다, ~에게 좋아지다

기사 원문:

2. ‘Let’s be someone nature welcomes’

요약: 자연을 사랑하는 마음으로 산에 버려진 쓰레기를 줍는 단체 ‘클린하이커스’  

[1] Hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities in South Korea. But with the increasing number of hikers, a critical environmental problem arises: litter.

*critical: 중대한, 비판적인
*litter: 쓰레기

[2] While some ill-mannered hikers do not clean up after themselves, one group is trying to change the careless practice of leaving trash and garbage behind after a hike. These people call themselves Clean Hikers. Kim Kang-eun, who identifies herself as a hiking artist, is the founder of Clean Hikers.

*ill-mannered: 예의 없는, 무례한
*careless: 부주의한, 조심성 없는
*leave ~ behind: ~을 두고 가다

[3] The group’s first session took place in March 2018. Seven people gathered to pick up trash along the trails in Cheonggyesan in southern Seoul. “Thinking that such action, if continued, could spread inspiration and gradually make a change, I have been carrying out Clean Hikers’ sessions until now,” Kim said with a smile.

*trail: 자국, 자취, 산길
*inspiration: 영감
*gradually: 서서히, 점진적으로

[4] Over the past three years, 17 official clean hiking sessions have taken place on mountains across the country. But according to Clean Hikers, it isn’t necessary to join the group to be part of the cleanup movement.

*take place: 열리다, 일어나다
*be part of ~: ~일부가 되다

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