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Soongsil University team wins government project on AI security

Professor Choi Dae-seon (Soongsil University)
Professor Choi Dae-seon (Soongsil University)
A Soongsil University team has been selected for a government-funded project developing information technology security, the university said Wednesday.

The team, led by professor Choi Dae-seon of Soongsil University’s Department of Software, will receive 3.75 billion won ($3.35 million) over the course of six years in a program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Institute for Information and Communications.

The team will focus on analyzing security threats against edge artificial intelligence systems found in AI speakers, autonomous vehicles and other systems fitted with AI programs, and on developing countermeasures against such threats.

The team will also include professors Jo Hyo-jin and Chung Min-young of Soongsil University, and professors from Kongju National University and Busan University of Foreign Studies, who are collaborating in the project.

“As AI becomes more widely used, diverse forms of attack against security will appear and put users at risk. Through this project, I will focus on developing world-class technologies, transferring the technologies and putting them to commercial use,” Choi said in a statement.

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