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[팟캐스트] (400) 점점 뜨거워지는 ‘단건배달’ 전쟁/ 맥도날드, 방탄소년과 함께 전세계에 'BTS 메뉴' 선보여

By Korea Herald

Published : April 21, 2021 - 10:50

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(Coupang Eats)

진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry 

1. After Coupang Eats’ success, other food delivery apps rush to speed up delivery

요약: 배달업계는 현재 쿠팡이 시작한 ‘한번에 한집’ 배송으로 점점 뜨거워지는 '단건 배달' 전쟁 중

[1] South Korean food delivery apps are rushing to offer speedier delivery services by making riders deliver just one order at a time, rather than multiple orders, to ensure the freshness of the food – a move borne out of growing competition in the industry.

*rush to: ~하려 서두르다
*rider: (오토바이) 타는 사람
* be borne out of: ~에서 나타났다

[2] WeMakePrice O, food delivery app operated by e-commerce platform WeMakePrice, became the latest to adopt the “one order per trip” system this week, as it announced a memorandum of understanding with LK ICT, a company that specializes in location-based services.

*adopt: 채택하다
*per: ~당

[3] “We are speeding up the process to introduce the ‘one-order-per-delivery’ service for the convenience and satisfaction of customers and restaurant owners,” an official at WeMakePrice O said in a statement.

*speed up: 빠르게 하다
*process: 과정

[4] The previous system, which allowed delivery personnel to combine multiple orders for one trip, was a constant source of user complaints as to delivery delays.

*allow: 허용하다
*a source of: ~원인

[5] The move comes as Coupang Eats, a food delivery service launched by e-commerce giant Coupang in 2019, has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent months.

*move: 조치, 행동
*giant: 거대 기업


2. McDonald's to release BTS meal in nearly 50 countries

요약: 미국의 다국적 패스투푸드 기업 맥도날드가 다음달부터 약 50개국에 방탄소년단과 함께 ‘BTS 세트’ 출시 발표

[1] Fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s has announced that it is teaming up with popular Korean group BTS for a new celebrity meal which will hit the stores next month globally.

*team up: 함께 일하다
*hit the stores: 출시하다

[2] The BTS Meal consists of a 10 Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke as well as Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular recipes from the South Korean unit of McDonald’s, which will be available for the first time in the US.

*consists of: ~로 구성된
*be inspired by: ~에 영향을 받은

[3] The new collaboration, which follows the company’s previous partnerships with Travis Scott and J Balvin, will come to a total of 49 countries including the US, Canada, South Korea, India and Mexico.

*partnership: 파트너쉽, 동업

[4] The chain said the menu “tour” will kick off first in the US and 11 other countries such as Malaysia and Austria on May 26 before customers elsewhere will be able to get ahold of the BTS Meal over the next few weeks.

*get ahold of: ~을 입수하다

[5] “The band has great memories with McDonald’s. We’re excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to share the BTS Meal with the world,” said Bighit Music, BTS’ record label.


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