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[팟캐스트] (399) 미얀마 민주화 운동가들이 말하다 / 종이통 까보니 플라스틱 뒷통수, 뭇매 맞은 이니스프리

By Jo He-rim

Published : April 14, 2021 - 00:00

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진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. [Video] ‘People in Myanmar are like prisoners’
요약: 미얀마 군부 쿠데타 사태로 많은 사상자가 발생하는 시점에서 국내에 있는 미얀마 민주화운동가들의 목소리를 코리아헤럴드가 직접 인터뷰했다.
[1] The crisis in Myanmar has continued for over two months since the military coup on Feb. 1. Civilians have carried out mass protests to restore freedom and democracy. The armed forces have responded with brutal crackdowns across the country, leading to hundreds of dead victims including young children.
*military coup: 군사 쿠데타
*carry out: 수행하다
*mass protest: 대규모 시위
*armed forces: 무장세력
*brutal: 잔혹한 (명사로 brutality 잔혹함)
*crackdown: 강력 탄압

[2] “I want the world to know what is going on in Myanmar is not a war,” said Shwe Moe, a Burma-born writer residing in South Korea. “A war is two sides with weapons. It is just terrorism because the soldiers are killing to scare people.”
“Now people stay home, but (the soldiers) are shooting into houses. So people in Myanmar are like prisoners,” she said. “They can’t sleep.”
*going on: (일이) 일어나고 있는

[3] “There is a new phenomenon happening inside Yangon, Mandalay or even the rural villages. They are running away,” another democracy activist said in a recent interview with The Korea Herald. The activist wished to remain anonymous due to concerns about the safety of their family in Myanmar.
*phenomenon: 현상
*anonymous: 익명

기사영상 링크:

2. Innisfree forced to clarify ‘paper bottle’ packaging after customer discovers plastic bottle inside

[1] In a post on a Facebook group called “No Plastic Shopping,” a customer shared photos of what is inside the package for the brand’s face serum product after cutting the bottle in half. Despite the label reading “Hello, I‘m Paper Bottle,” the product turned out to be a plastic bottle simply wrapped in paper.
*share: 공유하다
*turn out to be: ~인 것으로 드러나다

[2] The post prompted scores of comments from angry consumers and has been picked up by several local media outlets since it was uploaded earlier this week.
*post: 게시물
*prompt: 촉발하다
*scores: 수십 명, 다수

[3] Following the backlash, the brand has hurriedly acknowledged that the label “Hello, I’m Paper Bottle” may be misleading.
*backlash: (사회 변화에 대한 대중의) 반발
*acknowledge: 인정하다
*misleading: 호도하는, 오해의 소지가 있는

[4] But when it comes to the controversial bottle, Innisfree asserted that the colorless plastic bottle is recyclable and eco-friendly as it uses 51.8 percent less plastic than conventional packaging.
*assert: 강하게 주장하다



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