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[팟캐스트] (396) 서울시, 외국인 노동자 코로나 전수조사 방침 철회 / 2인 이하 가구 수 1460만 육박…역대 최고치 기록

By Korea Herald

Published : March 24, 2021 - 10:32

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진행자: 간형우, Naomi Garyan

1. Seoul withdraws testing mandate for all foreign workers

요약: 서울시가 외국인 노동자에 대한 코로나바이러스 의무 검사 행정 명령을 철회했다.

[1] The Seoul city government on Friday withdrew an order requiring mandatory coronavirus testing for all foreign workers after facing criticism from foreigners, medical workers and the human rights commission.

*withdraw: 철회하다, 물러나다
*mandatory: 의무적인, 필수의
*criticism: 비판, 비난

[2] The government now only recommends that foreign workers at high-risk workplaces, such as those in close, dense and enclosed work environments, undergo diagnostic tests by March 31. It also recommends Koreans employed at the same business establishments to get tested.

*dense: 빽빽한, 밀집한
*enclosed: 에워싸인, 동봉된
*undergo: 받다, 겪다

[3] The change came after the National Human Rights Commission of Korea also launched an investigation on Friday into the city government’s decision to mandate coronavirus tests for all foreign workers, after some foreigners filed a petition against the administrative order.

*launch: 시작하다, 개시하다, 착수하다
*file a petition: 탄원서를 제출하다

[4] Earlier on Tuesday, the Seoul government issued an administrative order requiring all foreign workers in the city to undergo diagnostic tests from March 17-31 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Fines of up to 2 million won ($1,778) will be imposed if they fail to get tested during the period.

*administrative order: 행정 명령
*fine: 벌금
*impose: 부과하다, 도입하다

기사 원문:

2. Smaller households hit record high of 14.6 million

요약: 역대 최저 혼인율과 출산율 속 2인 이하 가구 비율이 전체의 62% 이상을 차지했다.

[1] All-time low fertility rates have caused a surge in the number of two-member households in South Korea, alongside the sharp increase in the number of single-person households amid sliding marriage rates, official data showed.

*all-time ~ : 역대 ~
*fertility rate: 출산율
*sliding: 미끄러지는, 하락하는

[2] According to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, the number of one- or two-member households reached a record high of 14.61 million (9.16 million and 5.44 million respectively), or 62.9 percent of the total 23.19 million households nationwide as of February.

*record high (or low): 사상 최고 (또는 최저)
*respectively: 각각
*as of ~ : ~일자로, ~부로

[3] Looking at single-person households only, their proportion of the nationwide total marked a record high of 39.5 percent in February 2021, as compared with 34.5 percent for the corresponding month in 2016 and 33.2 percent in 2011.

*proportion: (전체의) 부분, 비율
*compared with ~ : ~와 비교해서
*corresponding: 해당하는

[4] Seoul and some major metropolitan cities, such as Busan and Daegu, face a growing portion of the young generation reluctant to get married in the wake of high unemployment rates and other uncertainties involving spiraling apartment prices.

*metropolitan: 대도시의
*reluctant: 꺼리는, 주저하는
*in the wake of ~ : ~에 뒤이어, ~의 결과로서
*spiraling: 상승하는

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