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[팟캐스트] (389) 미래엔 전기차가 대세, 주유소들은 어떻게 되나? / 네이버의 해외공략: 웹툰과 K팝

By Jo He-rim

Published : Feb. 3, 2021 - 09:00

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SK Innovation’s battery swap station (SK Innovation) SK Innovation’s battery swap station (SK Innovation)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. Electric vehicles challenge traditional concept of gas stations

[1] Refineries are slow to migrate to the new mobility era because it runs the risk of a significant erosion in profitability.

According to a government survey, 34 percent of electric vehicle drivers charge their vehicles at home, just like charging their smartphones overnight, while only 7 percent drop by gas stations for a charge.
*Refinery (oil): 정유공장, 정유사
*migrate: 이주하다, 옮기다
*run the risk: ~ 위험이 있다
*erosion: 부식, 저하, 악화 
*drop by: 들르다

[2] On Jan. 21, SK Innovation, the world’s sixth biggest EV battery player as of last year, acquired a 13.3 percent stake in Blue Park Smart Energy, a battery recycling service provider under Beijing Automotive Group.

Together with BAIC Group, SK Innovation aims to introduce a battery swap service in China, replacing used batteries with new ones within three minutes instead of charging them for 45 minutes.
*acquire: 획득하다, 매입하다
*swap: 교환하다

[3] GS Caltex is exploring a completely different future for its gas stations: a logistics network for drone deliveries.

In the video, drones carrying cargo lift off from the roof top of the Energy Plus Hub station, fly above high-rise buildings and deliver packages to customers. Then, they return to the station and automatically go inside rectangular lockers for recharging.
*cargo: 화물
*high-rise 고층의

기사 원문:

2. Naver’s global ambitions taking shape
*take shape: 형태를 갖추다 

[1] Naver is more than just a South Korean version of Google. For many Koreans, it is the go-to site for searching, news, blogging, cloud services, shopping, fintech and many other things -- including killing time with cartoons.

And the behemoth isn’t stopping there.
*go-to: (도움 위해) 찾는 사람
*kill time: 시간 죽이기
*behemoth: 거대기업

[2] Its subsidiary Line Webtoon is home to a plethora of creator-owned content, ranging from romance to fantasy. Line Webtoon became available in English and Chinese in 2014, and the company has since added several more languages in an effort to tap deeper into the global market.
*subsidiary: 자회사
*plethora: 과잉, 과다
*in an effort to: ~의 일환으로
*tap into: 진출하다

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