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KB Kookmin launches mobile app for tithing

(KB Kookmin Bank)
(KB Kookmin Bank)

South Korean commercial bank KB Kookmin Bank said Wednesday that it has launched a mobile app to help churchgoers manage the donations they give to their local churches.

Amid the emergence of a new strain of the novel coronavirus, the service has been launched to help Protestants donate without physically visiting a church.

The digital offering envelope resembles actual envelopes used at local churches. Christians can also send prayers with their donations.

Starting with an app for Protestant churches, the commercial bank said it will try to come up with payment apps tailored for other religious organizations and traditional markets.

“The new service is aimed at supporting religious activities during the coronavirus pandemic,” said an official from the bank, adding, “The bank will take the lead in providing digital financial services for customers during the so-called contactless era.”

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