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[Video] Communication in a world where facial expressions are unseen

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Aug. 11, 2020 - 14:55

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Face masks that tightly cover mouths and noses are a vivid symbol of how the world is combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Masking up in public is mandated in more than fifty countries to guard their citizens against getting infected. And masking may stay for quite a while, according to experts.

But face coverings in troubled times have hindered facial expressions of all kinds. Understanding and displaying feelings through closed layers are baffling for the majority to interpret emotions. Likewise, people see protective masks as an impediment to hear sentiments as bottom halves of faces are invisible. Social distancing and self-quarantine are unnaturally separating people as well, restricting direct contact.

A wide range of emotions is a crucial component of interaction because humans seek affinity by carefully looking at faces. People also use facial visages to convey their underlying feelings, including pursed lips and raised eyebrows. Yet, some have lost the ability to read emotions through facial expressions due to the new norm.

It is famously said that the eyes are windows to the soul because it shows people’s concealed emotions. Please check out the video if you wish to delve into a world where facial expressions are barely seen.

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Ju Young-eun (