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Renault Samsung Motors unveils face-lifted SM6

Renault Samsung Motors’ new SM6 (RSM)
Renault Samsung Motors’ new SM6 (RSM)

Renault Samsung Motors unveiled a revamped version of its midsized sedan SM6 on Wednesday, four years after it was launched. 

The new SM6 has been upgraded by adopting a renewed powertrain to improve the driving performance, along with a new rear suspension and driving assistant function to offer driving comfort. 

For the exterior, the automaker added new color options including silver, gray and red. The newly added dynamic turn-signal light has made the exterior more aesthetic. 

New features of the SM6 are represented by two new gasoline turbo engines, TCe 300 and TCe 260. 

TCe 300 allows rapid acceleration with a maximum torque of 30.6 kilogram-meters and 225 horsepower, while TCe 260 exerts up to 26.5 kilogram-meters of torque and 156 horsepower. 

As smooth driving and comfort are crucial for customers when choosing a midsized sedan, the automaker said it has adopted modular valve system in the front and rear dampers so the road vibration is delivered to the suspension at a minimal level. 

For advanced driver-assistance system, features including adaptive cruise control and lane centering assist and advanced emergency braking system.

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