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[팟캐스트] (360) 손정우씨 미국 송환 불허 / 국내 변종코로나 기승

By Korea Herald

Published : July 8, 2020 - 13:34

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진행: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Korean child porn operator's US extradition denied

요약: 법원이 아동 성착취 영상물 거래 웹사이트를 운영한 손정우씨의 미국 송환을 불허.

[1] A South Korean national who operated the world’s largest child pornography website will not be sent to the US to face trial there, a local court ruled Monday, rejecting a US request for his extradition.

*face trial: 법정에 서다
*reject: 거부하다
*extradition: 송환

[2] The Seoul High Court, at its third and final hearing on the high-profile case, said that there are justifiable reasons not to extradite Son Jong-woo, the mastermind behind the US-based child porn website Welcome to Video. It is in the national interest to keep Son in Korea and further the ongoing investigation into the makings of child and adolescent pornography, it added.

*hearing: 심문, 공청회
*high-profile: 유명한, 널리 알려진
*mastermind behind~: 배후에서 지휘하는 자
*be in the national interest: 국익에 대한 것이다
*investigation into: -에 대한 조사

[3] Following the decision, Son was set free from a detention center. The child porn site operator has remained in detention since completing his prison sentence on April 27.

*be set free: 풀려나다
*detention: 구금
*prison sentence: 징역형

[4] The 24-year-old has been wanted by US authorities since a US federal grand jury indicted him in 2018 on nine charges, including producing, advertising and distributing child pornography, as well as conspiracy and money laundering.

*US federal grand jury: 연방 대배심
*be wanted by: 지명수배되다
*indict: 기소하다
*conspiracy: 불법공모
*money laundering: 자금세탁

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2. Coronavirus spreading now in Korea has its origin in Europe, US

요약: 전파 초기에 발견되던 신종 코로나바이러스와 달리, 변이된 바이러스가 최근 국내에서 유행하며 감염력이 높아졌다는 유전자 분석 결과 발표.

[1] The novel coronavirus spreading in South Korea now has its origin in Europe and the US, health authorities said Monday, and it is thought to be six times as infectious as the original strain that emerged in China.

*have one's origin in: -에서 유래되다
*A (verb) N times as (adjective) as B: A가 B보다 N배 더 –하다
*original strain: 계통, 유전적 특질

[2] The variant belongs to the GH clade, which has largely been circulated in Europe and the US, according to an analysis by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on 526 genome samples diagnosed with the COVID-19.

*variant: 변이체, 변종
*clade: 계통 분기
*circulate: 유행하다, 퍼지다
*analysis: 분석
*genome sample: 유전체 샘플

[3] This implies the virus could have arrived here via someone who came from those regions in March and April before Korea tightened virus controls on overseas arrivals, mandating a two-week quarantine for all.

*imply: 암시하다
*tighten control on: 통제를 강화하다
*overseas arrivals: 입국자들
*mandate: 의무화하다

[4] The variant of the GH group was first found in cases in early April registered in North Gyeongsang Province, cases traced to bars and clubs in Itaewon, Seoul’s party district, in early May as well as cases linked to a Buddhist temple in Gwangju, most recently,

*registered: 등록된
*trace to: -로 퍼지다

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