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[Best Brand] SPEP excels global business, language training


Global education firm SPEP has been at the center of business education, providing training and consulting programs to increase the foreign language proficiency of professionals at local and overseas institutions and enterprises.

Under the brand philosophy of “value beyond language fluency,” the business English education provider, which has been working with global clients for more than 23 years, offers comprehensive educational programs for global business success. The programs go beyond mere language training to offer courses on cultural understanding, communications and business etiquette and skills.

The company credits much of its specialized consulting ability in its own R&D center, which has helped SPEP provide end-to-end solutions for its clients’ varying needs. With the research capability, SPEP can collect and analyze clients’ needs, come up with solution ideas and complete projects altogether.

Customer satisfaction especially improved last year from SPEP’s additional investment in R&D. SPEP specified its curriculums to be more practical by dividing education plans by occupation and industry while upgrading the content to be able to service more technical fields as well.

SPEP clients are provided lessons from professionals while given a smart learning package through a mobile app. Its “flipped learning” system, made from SPEP’s active communications and exchanges with foreign educational institutions and researchers, is up to the global standard in what it provides to clients.

Especially in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, SPEP ensured its education service continued through a fast transition into video chat-based teaching. The firm maintained the quality of its educational service by having instructors communicate with clients live and share details on digital blackboards. Clients could also record the video and replay the recorded lessons for further studies.

“We are happy to provide business ability proficiency solutions through SPEP business English research center,” a SPEP official said. “We will work with a mission and relentlessly support customers so that more of them strategically strengthen their global capabilities.”