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[Diplomatic circuit] Hong Kong Tourism Board seeks to appease travelers’ concerns


As pro-democracy protests continue for over 8 months with no sign of abating, Hong Kong Tourism Board in Korea has introduced various tips for tourists hesitant to travel to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Tourism Board said Monday that it has carved out a section of its official blog dedicated to offering real time information on Hong Kong starting Jan. 14.

Local Hong Kongers will share their daily lives through the blog and the blog is also expected to launch a system to answer tourists’ questions on Hong Kong in real time, the tourism board said.

“The airport operates separate from protests. Shortly after the shutdown of the airport in late August, the Hong Kong court banned protests inside the airport on Aug. 14,” the tourism board said in a statement.

Travelers are able to check real-time information, updated every 60 seconds, about traffic control via mobile application Hke Mobility, as protests continue to take place on weekends.

To prop up Hong Kong-bound travels the tourism board has also started a campaign named HK IS ON, offering discounts at the airport, hotels, attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and other places. 

By Kim Bo-gyung (