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[Video] The magic and romance of Christmas

The magical morning of Dec. 25 is a time of great excitement and anticipation, as you get to spend time with your beloved family and make more memories to cherish. One of the essential parts of celebrating Christmas is exchanging good vibes and spreading the holiday’s goodwill.

It’s exactly around that time of year where the whole world turns boisterous and people are drawn to the festive spirit. The noise of bells jingling, colorful seasonal decorations and Christmas trees embellished across the country signal the beginning of the winter season.

Seoul is probably one of the best destinations in the world to celebrate wintertime. There are many events throughout December to spice up the wintry mood.

Although the holiday season allows people to experience a renewed sense of warmth through family gatherings, it also carries another important, yet neglected, meaning. While some people enjoy the bliss of the special day as fireworks burst into the night sky, others can’t even afford to raise a glass of wine.

As ringing in the New Year also arrives with a moment of reflection, perhaps the finest Noel gift is not only to spend a good time with family, but also to recognize the value of “sharing is caring.” Likewise, bringing these scattered pieces of a puzzle into warm words would help make a small, yet meaningful, difference.

Go check out the video if you want to rediscover the real magic and romance of Christmas. 

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Kim So-mee (

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