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Main opposition leader’s bald head leads to unexpected stardom

When Hwang Kyo-ahn, head of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, had his head shaved Monday, calling for the resignation of newly appointed Justice Minister Cho Kuk, he intended to publicly demonstrate his firm resolve to see the matter through. 

(Screenshot captured from Facebook)
(Screenshot captured from Facebook)

Little could he have imagined that photos parodying his new look would go viral.

As soon as the media began running images of Hwang’s very closely shaved head, his name shot to the top of the “trending news” list on Naver, the country’s largest web search engine. 

(Screenshot captured from Facebook)
(Screenshot captured from Facebook)

An image of Hwang sporting a buzz cut and an image of the conservative politician posing in front of the National Assembly on a motorcycle are just a couple of photoshopped images that quickly spread through the internet.

People likened Hwang’s new look to the styles of actors Gary Oldman and Ryan Gosling, earning him the epithet “Kimchi Oldman” and catapulting the stiff politician to instant stardom with one swift shave.

By Park Jun-hee (