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[팟캐스트] (314) 조국 가족 관련 부정부패 혐의 논란 / 케이팝 스타들의 노브라 논란


진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Corruption allegations have Cho Kuk in a corner

기사요약: 법무부 장관 후보자 조국이 청문회 전 가족과 관련된 부정부패 혐의로 곤혹을 치르고 있다.

[1] Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk is in a corner over mounting corruption allegations involving his family ahead of his confirmation hearing, which hasn’t even been scheduled yet.

*nominee: 후보자

*in a corner: 구석에 몰린, 곤란한

*confirmation hearing: 청문회

[2] The main opposition Liberty Korea Party filed a complaint against the former senior presidential secretary and his family on Monday over what the party called questionable investments in a private equity fund.

*questionable 의심스러운, 미심쩍은

[3] The latest of the allegations involves Cho’s 28-year-old daughter, who received scholarships to attend medical school despite flunking twice.

*flunking (낙제)

[4] She received a total of 12 million won ($9,900) in scholarships over six semesters from 2016 through 2018, according to the Pusan National University’s Graduate School of Medicine.

*in something: ~로 (단위)

[5] The school has explained that the foundation that awards the scholarship hand-picked Cho’s daughter as the recipient from 2016. The foundation was set up by a professor who was her academic adviser. The professor took over as chief of the Busan Medical Center this year.

*hand-pick: 직접 고르다


2. K-pop celebs ignite discussion on going sans bra

[1] K-pop idols have not always been in the forefront of social movements. Yet two popular stars in the industry -- Sulli and Hwasa -- have recently ignited the heated debate on going bra-free.

기사요약: 설리와 화사 등 케이팝 스타들이 노브라 패션으로 논란을 일으키고 있다.

*in the forefront of: 맨 앞에, 선두를 달리는

*ignite: 점화하다

[2] Sulli, formerly of girl group f(x), has in recent years uploaded photographs and videos of herself without a bra on her social media accounts. Each time she uploads one, her Instagram account is bombarded with comments -- both supportive and expressing disgust.

*be bombarded with: ~퍼부어지다.

[3] Appearing on JTBC’s “Night of Hate Comments” variety show on July 21, she officially addressed the issue for the first time, saying simply, “Going braless is one’s freedom.”

*address: 다루다, 언급하다

[4] “Bras have wires; they are not good for health. Not wearing one is comfortable. That is something beautiful and natural. For me, a bra is like an accessory. Some outfits go with it, and others do not. That’s why I sometimes do not wear a bra,” Sulli said.

*accessory: 장신구, 부대용품

[5] “When I upload my photos without a bra, people talk about it a lot. I could have been scared. But I didn’t because I thought it would be nice if more people could discard their prejudices,” she said. “I want to step outside the box, tell people (not wearing a bra) is not a big thing.”

*discard: ~를 버리다

*step outside the box: 창의적으로 생각하다


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