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Rape suspect caught after 14 years in hiding

A South Korean man wanted in an alleged rape case of his ex-girlfriend was finally arrested in Guatemala and extradited after 14 years and eight months, the Ministry of Justice said Tuesday.

According to the ministry, the 43-year-old suspect surnamed Choi is accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening to publish the video clip online in October 2003.

Shortly after the alleged rape, Choi fled the country, stopping by Canada on his way to Guatemala. Having been on Interpol’s wanted list for over a decade, Choi was finally arrested by Guatemala police when reports of domestic violence against his Guatemalan ex-wife were filed last year in April. 


The Ministry of Justice approved the extradition eight months later in December following the suspect’s arrest.

Choi is reported to have returned to South Korea on June 1. He is the first man to be sent back home since the signing of Korea and Guatemala’s extradition treaty regarding criminals in 2003, according to authorities.

Police said they are still investigating the rape and threat allegations.

By Catherine Chung (
Korea Herald Youtube