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Teacher accused of abusing student with tuberous sclerosis

Following reports of long-term child abuse at a school, a teacher has been booked without detention for allegedly insulting and punishing a fourth grader with tuberous sclerosis complex, police said.

According to the National Institutes of Health, tuberous sclerosis complex is a rare genetic disorder that causes unexpected growths of benign tumors in different body parts such as the brain, kidneys and skin.

The child surnamed Jang said that the teacher threw verbal insults and prohibited her from going out to a playground when she could not finish her homework assignments, according to local media outlet MBN.


A student in Jang’s class reportedly witnessed the teacher shoving the victim’s head with a finger, while saying “solve the (math) problems correctly, you idiot.”

Filled with frustration, Jang’s mother explained that her child sometimes could not finish her homework because of frequent hospital visits due to her condition.

While the teacher claims to be “a bit fuzzy on the details,” Jang is reported to be traumatized from the seven-month-long abuse.

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