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‘Summer Love’: SongEun ArtSpace to present years of effort supporting young artists

SongEun ArtSpace is holding a group exhibition to feature young local artists the institution has supported over the recent three years.

SongEun ArtSpace’s “Summer Love: SongEun ArtCube Group Exhibition” is the second such exhibition, following the first in 2015. The 2015 “Summer Love” exhibition was held to celebrate its fifth anniversary and highlight young local artists SongEun ArtCube had supported.

Lee Chung-hyung’s installation work “A Wall that Resembles the Shape of a Sculpture” (SongEun ArtSpace)
Lee Chung-hyung’s installation work “A Wall that Resembles the Shape of a Sculpture” (SongEun ArtSpace)

SongEun ArtCube is a gallery space launched by SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation in 2002 as a venue to support up-and-coming artists. Since its inaugural exhibition in January 2002, the space has helped selected young artists with a venue to house their works and publishing brochures. Since 2011, the cube has supported 63 artists’ solo exhibitions.

Artists featured in the latest exhibition are Koh Jae-wook, Kim Seo-ryang, Noh Sang-ho, Ryu Hyun-min, Min Hye-ki, Park Myung-mi, Park Han-saem, An Jong-hyun, Yun Ha-min, Lee Young-hee, Lee Chung-hyung, Chung Mun-kyung, Chung Say-hey, Jung Young-don, Kim Ji-hee and Choi Hee-seung.

Though not thematically tied, the works of the 16 artists still offer their unique art interpretations.

From Park Myung-mi’s dream-like painting of a now-gone-after-development forest to an installation work of Lee Chung-hyung, which has dismantled the exhibition space, visitors are presented with various works of the 16 artists. Also included in the exhibition are photography works by Yun Ha-min and Ryu Hyun-min.

Yun Ha-min‘s 2018 photo work “Swimmer” (SongEun ArtSpace)
Yun Ha-min‘s 2018 photo work “Swimmer” (SongEun ArtSpace)

Alongside the exhibition, SongEun ArtSpace last week held “Artists Supporting Program” sessions where artists and visitors attended to learn about practical issues in dealing with artwork production and distribution in the industry.

“Though it is uncertain how long the gap will be from this exhibition to the next ‘Summer Love’ exhibition, SongEun ArtSapce will continue to hold the group exhibition of artists we support,” said an institution official.

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