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[STOCK WATCH] Dio gets off to slow start


On Sept. 19, Dio (039840) declined 1.13% to 48,250 won (US$43.1). It had declined 10.15% through the past month. Standard deviation, which indicates risk, records 2.9% over the same period over one month.

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- Compared with industrial index, the Return comparison Volatility was rather positive
- Most related stocks increase. Medical & Precision Machines industry +0.1%
- Target price KRW 67,000, has 38% disparate to increase compared with stock price.
- Individuals and Foreigners buy, Institutions sell
- Turnover Rate and Price Range both proper
- Participation of Institutions is active, 17.87%

Compared with its close competitors within the same industry, KOSDAQ, not only the monthly earnings rate of Dio had edged along, but its volatility for 1 month was also the highest among its peer group. Over the recent month, the return-on-risk, the return on investment with consideration about risk, was -3.4%. Though the volatility was the highest among its peer group, the return-on-risk remain around the average of its peer group, caused by low de In spite of that, the return-on-risk is much better than the industrial mean, -5.8, and thus the industrial comparison performance was positive.

From Sept. 12, institutions have been continuously buying DIO. As a shareholding sum by investor group for the past four weeks, foreigners have bought 34,507 shares with a maintenance of shareholding and individuals have bought 42,341 shares lessening its position. However, during the same period, institutions have sold 76,848 shares with a selling trend.

Cumulated shareholdings per investor group (1Mo)
Total shareholdings per investor group

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