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Ruling, opposition at stalemate on parliamentary formation

By 안성미

Published : June 6, 2016 - 10:06

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South Korea's ruling and opposition parties remained at a stalemate a day before the deadline for the formal launching of the new National Assembly, political sources said Monday, casting concerns about the willingness of lawmakers to serve the people.
The ruling Saenuri Party and the Minjoo Party of Korea have been wrangling over the formation of committees and who will name the speaker after the main opposition took one more seat than the ruling party in the 300-seat unicameral parliament following the April 13 polls.
According to parliamentary law, the first provisional session of the National Assembly needs to kick off on Tuesday.
The discussion, however, faced a deadlock as the Saenuri claimed it should take the National Assembly speaker, in line with tradition since the post has with very few exceptions been taken up by the ruling party.
The opposition countered that the No. 1 party in terms of lawmakers has priority in picking the speaker.
Saenuri also claims it should take the chairmanships of the steering, legislation, finance, budget, and intelligence committees of the National Assembly. The Minjoo also eyes the chairs of the steering and national policy committees. (Yonhap)