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[팟캐스트](88) 삼성전자 1분기 영업이익 5조9천억원 외 1건

By (공용)코리아헤럴드

Published : April 8, 2015 - 16:21

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진행자: 석지현, Julie Jackson

1. 삼성전자 1분기 영업이익 시장 예상치 상회

기사 요약: 삼성전자 1분기 영업이익이 시장의 예상치를 웃돈 것으로 나타났다. 전사적인 비용절감의 노력으로 작년 4분기 대비 이익 지표가 개선된 것이라는 분석이다.

Samsung sees signs of recovery after profit slump

[1] Samsung Electronics on Tuesday estimated its first-quarter operating profit at 5.9 trillion won ($5.44 billion), easily beating analysts’ estimates.

*first quarter: 1/4분기 (1월-3월)
*operating profit: 영업이익
*beat: 이기다, 능가하다 (exceed analysts’ estimates <->missing analysts’ estimates)

[2] The operating profit was up 11.53 percent from the 5.29 trillion won in October-December 2014, but still down 30.51 percent from the 8.49 trillion won a year earlier, the company said in a regulatory filing.

[3] Still, the estimate hovered far above the 5.47 trillion won forecast by local brokerage houses, showing a positive sign that the Korean tech giant may be shaking off its profit slump.

*hover above: 맴돌다
*forecast: 예측 (=prediction)
*brokerage house: 증권회사

[4] The company said sales were estimated at 47 trillion won for the January-March period, down 12.44 percent on-year and 10.87 percent on-quarter.

*down: 하락 <-> up  증가.
*on-year: 전년 대비
*on-quarter: 전분기 대비

[5] Sales remained low due to falling seasonal demand, but analysts said Samsung’s first-quarter guidance can still be considered an “earnings surprise.”

*remained~: 여전히~하다.
*seasonal demand: 계절적 수요
*guidance: 지표
*earnings surprise: 예상 밖의 실적 호조 = earnings shock.


2. 일본 외무성 독도 도발

일본이 올해도 어김없이 독도를 일본 땅이라고 주장했다. 기시다 후미오 일본 외무상이 독도가 일본 고유영토라는 일방적인 주장을 담은 2015년판 '외교청서(외교백서격)'를 각의(국무회의)에 보고했다. 외무성은 또 대외 홍보를 강화하기 위해 9년만에 외교청서 전문 영어판을 만들 계획인 것으로 전해졌다.

Japan stokes territorial tension

[1] Japan again reasserted its sovereignty over the easternmost Korean islets of Dokdo in an annual diplomatic paper Tuesday, further stoking territorial tension that has dogged bilateral ties for decades.

*sovereignty: 영유권
*stoke: (감정을) 부추기다, 돋우다 (stoke up arguments)
*territorial tension: 영토 분쟁 (=territorial dispute)
*dog: 괴롭히다
*bilateral: 쌍방의 (trilateral)

[2] Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida reported the 2015 edition of the Diplomatic Bluebook to the Cabinet, which claims that the islets are its “inherent territory” based on history and international law.

*claim: 주장하다 (=state)
*inherent: 고유한 (=indigenous)

[3] Seoul’s Foreign Ministry instantly protested the announcement, calling in Kenji Kanasugi, a minister at the Japanese Embassy here.

*call in: 불러들이다, 소환하다 (=summon)

[4] “No matter how much the Japanese government repeats its preposterous claims, the historical truth cannot be erased or changed that Dokdo, which is our indigenous territory, was the first victim of Imperial Japan’s aggression on the Korean Peninsula, and that the victims of the Japanese military’s sex slavery were forcefully conscripted and suffered from unspeakable pain and wounds,” the ministry said in a statement.

*preposterous: 말도안되는, 터무니 없는, 가당찮은 (=ridiculous)
*indigenous: 고유의, 토착의
*aggression: 공격, 침략, (=invasion)
*conscripted: 징집당하다
*unspeakable pain: 말로할 수 없는 고통
*statement: 공식 입장

[5] Unlike last year, the latest text leaves out the description that the two nations “share fundamental values such as freedom, democracy and respect for basic human rights, and common interests in maintaining regional peace and security,” though it still says that they are “the most important neighboring countries to each other.”

*leave out: 빠트리다 (=omit)
*share value: 가치를 나누다, 공유하다

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