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‘Little Psy’ recuperates from brain tumor

By KH디지털2

Published : March 17, 2015 - 15:46

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Eleven year-old Jeon Min-woo, known as a child double of Korean singer Psy, has seemingly recuperated from a terminal brain tumor, local media reported on Tuesday.

Jeon, who is Korean-Chinese, was diagnosed last summer with a terminal illness of the brain that left him with just six months to live.

Jeon Min-woo with Psy (Yonhap) Jeon Min-woo with Psy (Yonhap)

However, in an interview on Tuesday, Jeon’s mother revealed that an MRI scan in December had shown the tumor has been reduced and Jeon has since grown 6 centimeters in height.

Jeon’s mother credits a stay-at-home treatment for having a positive effect on the boy’s illness after Jeon visibly suffered from pain while being hospitalized for radiotherapy.

As a consequence, Jeon’s family decided it was best to look after him at home on a no salt and no oil diet. 

Jeon’s mother expressed happiness for Jeon’s remarkable recovery and thanked the Korean star who Jeon looks up to. 

“Psy invited Min-woo to his concert. He said he would look for a hospital for Min-woo and sponsor his treatment, too, but we were already overwhelmed with the concert invitation that we only thanked him for his suggestion,” she said.

After attending Psy’s concert, Jeon is said to be watching music channels on TV while building up his dream to become the second Psy.

Jeon first began imitating Psy at four years old and has appeared multiple times on Chinese and Korean television shows to perform “Gangnam Style” dressed as Psy.

Another child prodigy by the same first name, Vietnamese-Korean Hwang Min-woo, also goes by the nickname ‘Little Psy’ for his appearance in the star’s “Gangnam Style” that has over a billion views on YouTube.

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