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'Gentleman’ generates mixed reviews from foreign press

By Korea Herald

Published : April 15, 2013 - 14:14

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Psy Psy

YouTube sensation Psy is back on stage with “Gentleman,” a follow-up single to his 2012 megahit “Gangnam Style.” 

The Korean singer unveiled its music video at a live concert, where 50,000 fans jumped along with him. 

His latest music video was released Saturday and has attracted more than 45 million hits on YouTube, reaching the mark three times as fast as “Gangnam Style.”

The much-anticipated release of the song and music video on YouTube prompted a varied response from foreign media: 

a clip from a clip from "Gentleman" music video

PSY ‘Gentleman’ Music Video: Watch the Follow-Up Visual to ‘Gangnam Style’

Billboard, a major U.S. music site, features Psy on its home page. The article points out the similarities between “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” in terms of his signature looks and much-loved antics. The article notes familiar faces such as Yoo Jae-suk and Noh Hong-chul, introducing them as the “yellow suit guy” and the “elevator guy.” According to Billboard, the success of “Gentleman” is yet to be assured, but with eye-catching, hip-shaking choreography and the huge success of his recent concert, there is “definitely no lack of hype” for his new single.

Daily News (New York)
Will Psy‘s ’Gentleman‘ be the next ’Gangnam Style?‘

The New York Daily News kicks off with the line “Kim Jong who?” alluding to the change in worldwide attention to the Korean Peninsula toward Psy and away from concerns over recent tension between Seoul and Pyongyang. The article mentions Psy’s outlandish outfits and “his trademark shades,” and says that Psy is trying to pull it off again in the newly released music video. The article is optimistic about the prospects of the song, describing Psy as a singer who “certainly knows how to make entertaining music videos.”

Psy Is No ‘Gentleman’ In New Music Video

Music network MTV casts some doubts about Psy’s goofiness in his latest video clip. The article says that his new song clearly has a catchiness reminiscent of his previous smash-hit, “Gangnam Style.” However, the article says that some of Psy’s moves in the music video go too far, and that his success had “gone to his own head.”

Psy Unveils His New ‘Gentleman’ Video and Dance at Extravagant Seoul Concert

In a feature on Psy and his concert “Happening,” Time calls the Korean singer’s energetic performance an epic display, particularly his dangling on cables and comical performance mimicking Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Time said there was a “homecoming” atmosphere at the concert in Seoul and the reporter notes the unusually serious speech Psy gave to his fans. 

Psy in Beyonce`s costume Psy in Beyonce`s costume

Jin Eun-soo, Intern Reporter