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OECD Korea Policy Center opens new office

The OECD Korea Policy Center began operations at its new building in central Seoul on Friday.

The center, headed by Korea Development Institute School dean Nam Sang-woo, had until now been located within the KDI School.

At the opening ceremony, OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria congratulated the center for its contribution to the OECD outreach program that aims to introduce advanced governance systems in OECD member nations.

He added that the OECD Korea Policy Center is serving an important role in maintaining ties with developing nations and in establishing development strategies.

“The secretary general’s visit to the OECD Korea Policy Center reflects the OECD’s high estimation of Korea, which has played a key role between the OECD and non-OECD member economies since Korea joined the OECD,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. Korea became a member country in 1996.

The PMO also said that the Korean government has promised to maintain support for the center in “playing an active role in the international arena.”

The opening ceremony was also attended by Yim Jong-yong, minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD Hur Kyung-wook, and Korea Development Institute president Hyun Oh-seok.

Established in 2007 by integrating four local OECD-related organizations, the OECD Korea Policy Center serves as the means of introducing advanced systems, policy experience and OECD standards in Asia-Pacific nations.

The organizations integrated into the center are the Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center, OECD-Korea Regional Center for Competition, OECD-Asian Center for Public Governance and the OECD-Korea Regional Center for Health and Social Policy.

As part of its functions, the center hosts about 20 international seminars and workshops each year dealing with diverse issues ranging from tax and competition policies to public governance and social policies.

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