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Frozen cat doing well with three legs

A cat found frozen in a driveway in eastern Canada has left a veterinary hospital in Prince Edward Island minus one leg and its tail.

The cat, now named Trooper, also underwent surgery to repair his pelvis at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, The Guardian of Charlottetown reported. Trooper will be in a foster home in Newfoundland while he continues its recovery.

Gwen Samms, shelter manager for the Bay St. George Society for the Care and Protection of Animals, escorted Trooper to P.E.I. She said the cat is doing well and "loves playing."

"A three-legged animal can have a great quality of life," Samms told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "Once he gets used to three legs there'll be no slowing him down, he'll be just fine."

The cat also has problems with bladder control because of nerve damage, but Samms said that appears to be mending.

Trooper was discovered Feb. 11 frozen to the ground in a driveway in Stephenville on the southwest coast of Newfoundland. Rescuers had to use warm water to remove the cat, which had major frostbite damage to one leg and its tail.

Veterinarians say Trooper is part Maine coon cat and about a year old. (UPI)


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도로에 얼어붙은 고양이 뜨거운 물로 떼어내..

캐나다 동부지역 도로에 동상을 입고 얼어 붙어 있던 고양이가 수술을 받은 후 동물병원에서 퇴원했다.

트루퍼란 이름의 이 고양이는 지난 2월 11일 뉴파운랜드 해안의 서쪽 도로에서 땅에 얼어있는 채로 발견되었으며 구조대는 고양이의 다리와 꼬리가 동상을 입어 따뜻한 물을 부어 떼어내야 했다.

트루퍼는 수의대에서 골반수술을 받았으며 회복과 동시에 위탁가정으로 보내질 것이라고 관계자가 말했다. 

세인트 조지 동물보호협회의 보호소 담당자는 “세 다리를 가진 동물도 양질의 삶을 살 수 있다. 세 다리로 지내는 것에 적응이 되면 아무것도 문제 될 것이 없다.”고 말했다.
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