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U.S. judge OKs felony charges over Facebook posts


Published : Aug. 16, 2011 - 14:39

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A judge has upheld felony charges against a woman accused of using Facebook to try to find someone to kill her baby's father and against a teenager accused of offering to do the job for $1,000.


A defense lawyer argued that 20-year-old London Eley of Philadelphia was only venting when she posted the online message after an argument with her baby's father. Police say 18-year-old Timothy Bynum of suburban Darby accepted the offer and asked for details about the target.

``I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father,'' Eley wrote in a post this spring, according to a police affidavit.

``Say no more ... what he look like ... where he be at ... need that stack 1st,'' Bynum wrote back, police say.

Eley exchanged messages with Bynum for about an hour but never met him or took any other steps to carry out the plan, according to her lawyer, Gerald Stein.

A city judge on Monday approved a murder solicitation charge and a weapons charge _ with the computer being considered the weapon _ against Eley and approved murder conspiracy and weapons charges against Bynum.

Police say they found several weapons in Bynum's home, although Stein said he believes one was lawfully licensed to a parent and another was a BB gun.

The Philadelphia Daily News first reported on the judge's rulings, which Stein confirmed.

Both defendants remained in custody Monday, with bail set at $35,000 for Eley and $75,000 for Bynum. They are due back in court for arraignment on Sept. 6.

The hit wasn't carried out, and the baby's father wasn't harmed. His family apparently learned of the posts and contacted police, who arrested Eley and Bynum in June.

Stein said Eley simply had been venting online ``over an argument that she had with the boyfriend.''


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"내 남친 죽여줘" 페이스북 통해 청부업자 모집한 女

페이스북을 통해 살인청부업자를 고용하려던 한 여성과 $1,000(한화 약 107만원)에 이 일을 하려던 10대가 美 법원으로부터 중죄를 선고 받았다.

피고측 변호인은 20대 여성 런던 엘리가 자신의 아이의 생부와의 말다툼 끝에 화를 못 이겨 페이스북에 글을 올렸을 뿐이라고 주장했다.  경찰은 18살의 티모시 바이넘이 엘리의 제안을 받아드리고 피해자의 상세정보를 물었다고 전했다.

엘리는 바이넘과 약 한 시간 동안 메시지를 주고 받았지만 실제로 만나거나 부차적인 계획까지는 공모 하지 않았다고 그녀의 변호사가 말했다.

지난 15일, 지방 법원은 엘리에게는 살인교사죄와 컴퓨터를 무기로 간주한 무기 사용죄로 바이넘에게는 살인 음모죄와 무기 사용죄를 선고했다.

피해자의 가족이 엘리의 글을 발견하여 경찰에 신고한 것으로 알려지며 7월께 엘리와 바이넘은 구속됐다.