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Police tracking down bomb threat on public facility

By Yonhap

Published : May 4, 2024 - 15:48

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South Korean police on Saturday were searching for the individual who sent an email threatening to detonate bombs at a public facility on Children's Day.

Police said they received a report from a local news outlet about the email, which detailed plans to place "high-performance bombs in public facilities in Korea, where many children visit," on Sunday.

Written in English, the email declared the bombs would go off Sunday, describing the act as retaliation against U.S. President Joe Biden for his "discriminatory remarks about the Japanese," according to the police.

The sender identified himself or herself as Takahiro Karasawa, a Japanese lawyer, whose name has been used in several email threats to bomb public facilities in South Korea since August. Among the targets mentioned in the emails were the Supreme Court, the prosecution service, police stations, Seoul City Hall and various media organizations.

Police are considering the possibility that the recent threat may be from the same individual, as they try to track down the sender while preparing for a potential terrorist attack.

Takahiro Karasawa, a practicing lawyer in Japan, has denied any involvement in these bomb threats.

In an August post on X, Karasawa wrote: "I think my name is being misused without my permission. Some extremists are committing these crimes, as these types of offenses are sometimes not regulated in Japan." (Yonhap)