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Nongshim launches dance challenge for new ramyeon products

By Park Se-ra

Published : April 28, 2024 - 14:24

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The dance challenge poster for Nongshim's new ramyeon products (Nongshim) The dance challenge poster for Nongshim's new ramyeon products (Nongshim)

Leading ramyeon producer Nongshim has announced the launch of a dance challenge event to mark the release of its latest products: Pu Phat Phong Guri Big Bowl and Kimchi Jja Guri Big Bowl.

The newly launched products are inspired by Thai curry and Korean kimchi and pork stew, respectively. The product name "Guri" comes from the Korean word for raccoon, "Neoguri."

The new initiative, tailored to resonate with the younger demographic’s love for dance challenges, also aims to enhance brand recognition.

This event, which will span approximately two months, features a digital campaign that showcases a raccoon character embarking on a global quest to discover new flavors.

Participants are invited to select from two themed advertisements and share their dance videos on TikTok.

Under the challenge, participants stand a chance to win a variety of prizes from an iPad Pro to a random selection of new products from Nongshim.

Beyond the dance challenge, Nongshim is expanding its marketing efforts both online and offline. These include collaborations with well-known influencers and integrating the raccoon character into various festivals, enhancing its visibility across different platforms.

"We are committed to promoting our new line of products, which are designed to appeal to a global appetite and introduce an innovative take on the raccoon theme," a company official said.