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Ignorance is bliss when it comes to romantic partners' ex: survey

By Yoon Min-sik

Published : April 13, 2024 - 16:00

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About 52.3 percent of South Koreans do not want to know about the past romantic relationships of their current partner, a recent survey indicated.

Local matchmaking company Duo surveyed 300 unmarried men and women across the country from March 15-18 to see what they thought of the past relationships of their current romantic partner.

On why they chose not to know about their boyfriend or girlfriend's past relationship, 56.1 percent said "they were not interested," 17.2 percent said "they might become jealous," and 10.8 percent said "it would be overly meddlesome."

Some 31.7 percent said they wanted to know about their partner’s past relationship, while the rest were unsure.

Men and women differed on why they wanted to know more about the ex-partner of their current partner. The leading answer for men was "to know more about the dating style (of their partner)" at 29 percent, while for women it was "to know why (the partner) ended their relationship" at 31.3 percent.

An overwhelming majority, 77.7 percent of the respondents, said they have discussed former romantic relationships with their current partners, out of which 62.2 percent said it did not affect their current relationship.

About 18.9 percent of respondents said that the talk had a positive impact on the current relationship. Of those, 47.7 percent said it "helped them learn more about each other," 29.5 percent said it "helped them know what to do and not to do," while 11.4 percent said it "provided them with an opportunity to have a serious conversation."

The percentage of those who said the conversation negatively impacted their relationship was 18.9 percent. Of those respondents, the top reason for both genders at 52.3 percent was they "were bothered to know he/she had a fond memory with an ex."

For men, the second most picked answer was "it felt like (my partner) could not let go of the former partner)" at 22.2 percent, while for women it was "I felt compelled to be better than the previous romantic partner."