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Woman jailed for extortion, assault of celebrity she dated for 10 days

By Yoon Min-sik

Published : Feb. 25, 2024 - 14:05

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South Korean court on Saturday said it has decided on a 10-month prison term for a 36-year-old woman, who blackmailed and physically assaulted a South Korean celebrity after dating them for just 10 days.

The defendant, who dated the 30-something victim briefly in August 2022, refused the victim's request to end their romantic relationship and demanded that he pay her 5 million won ($3,750). The defendant threatened to post malicious comments about the victim if he did not comply, taking advantage of his status as a celebrity and YouTuber.

After finding that the victim had only 2.4 million won in his bank account, the defendant said she would be paid the remaining amount in slaps and slapped him 10 times. She is also accused of forcing entry into the victim's home.

The defendant also sent 800 messages with threats via text and KakaoTalk messenger after the break-up, and falsely claimed on the victim's social media page and YouTube channel that she got herpes from him.

The investigation found all of her claims to be false, but the defendant denied the charges against her. She was found guilty of extortion, assault, intrusion of residence and defamation by the Euijeongbu District Court in Gyeonggi Province.

"The defendant committed a grave crime in that she demanded money for no reason and assaulted him while posting falsehoods about the victim, for whom his social image is very important," the court said in its verdict.