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South Korea's MathGPT Sets a New World Record in Mathematical Performance


Published : Jan. 9, 2024 - 05:10

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Developed by QANDA, Upstage and KT

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Mathpresso, the maker of Asia's largest AI-based learning platform QANDA, announced that its math-specific large language model set a new world record.

MathGPT surpassed Microsoft's 'ToRA 13B', the previous record holder in benchmarks assessing mathematical performance such as 'MATH' (high school math) and 'GSM8K' (grade school math), achieving first place among models under 13B - a rare achievement to take the top spot in both benchmarks. MathGPT outperformed GPT-4 in the MATH benchmark.

'MathGPT' was co-developed with Upstage, Korea's leading AI startup, and KT, a telecom giant, as a part of a strategic partnership with KT. In a collaborative effort that began in November 2023, Mathpresso and Upstage integrated their vast data and AI capabilities to develop MathGPT. Mathpresso provided Upstage with exclusive learning data accumulated through 10 million daily problem searches, including learning contexts and interactions. Upstage enhanced a language model to solve intricate mathematical problems. KT's robust infrastructure also played a critical role in this development.

Mathpresso plans to continuously enhance the accuracy and performance of the 'MathGPT' model and ultimately integrate it into its learning interface as an AI tutor. Its vision is to weave this enhanced AI Tutor into its existing services, which include QANDA App, 1:N online school (QANDA Study), 1:1 online tutoring (QANDA Tutor), ensuring a deeply personalized educational experience for students.

Expanding beyond its established Asian market, Mathpresso ventured into the U.S. with Prep.Pie, a gen-AI powered study material generator for college exam prep, set to officially launch this Spring.

"QANDA, Upstage, and KT's collective technology and expertise have yielded significant outcomes, outshining major global tech players," stated Jake Lee, CEO of Mathpresso. "Our AI tutor will deliver prime personalized educational experience to students worldwide, making learning accessible, engaging, and impactful for all."

Backed by Google, TikTok, and Softbank Ventures Asia, QANDA is an AI-powered learning platform tailored for K-12 students. Utilizing advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the app recognizes text and mathematical equations from photos and offers in-depth solutions and personalized learning content. Since its inception, QANDA has amassed a community of over 90 million registered users across more than 50 nations. 90% of its user base is located outside Korea, with predominant clusters in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Every day, approximately 10 million photos are uploaded on QANDA worldwide. To integrate all learning features into the platform, Mathpresso launched additional verticals including QANDA Tutor, QANDA Study, and QANDA Adaptive. Mathpresso also unveiled a beta version of 'Poly' via QANDA App in August 2023, which is an LLM-based chatbot that offers interactive step-by-step explanations.

About QANDA(Mathpresso)
Seoul-based edtech startup Mathpresso(QANDA) operates the AI-powered learning platform, QANDA. The app has gained 10 million monthly active users in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Leveraging QANDA's vast database and traffic, Mathpresso plans to integrate their LLM-based AI tutor into its vertical services, which include QANDA App, 1:N online school(QANDA Study), 1:1 online tutoring(QANDA Tutor), and a tablet-based solution(QANDA Adaptive), ensuring a deeply personalized educational experience for all students. Since 2015, Mathpresso has secured investments from Google, ByteDance, SoftBank Ventures Asia and Samsung Venture Investment.