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Ive kicks off first world tour, 'Show What I Have'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : Oct. 8, 2023 - 17:30

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Ive poses for a photo during a press conference for its world tour, Ive poses for a photo during a press conference for its world tour, "Show What I Have," at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul on Saturday. (Starship Entertainment)

Ive launched its first world tour, "Show What I Have," in Seoul on Saturday.

The two-day event, held over the weekend at the Jamsil Arena, comes a few days ahead of the group's comeback, set for Friday.

On Sunday, the six-piece girl group held a press conference at the concert venue a few hours ahead of its gig that evening.

"It was our dream to hold a concert. I said during our debut showcase (in 2021) that we want to hold a world tour, and I'm delighted that my dream and biggest goal has come true in two years," Wonyoung said.

About the title, "Show What I Have," Yujin said, "We received a lot of love with our debut. We felt so grateful, and at the same time, some people questioned whether we could continue to bring something new to the table. The title is our answer to that question."

As Yu-jin said, Ive's first concert is all about being "new" -- new songs, new performances and new appeal.

Among the novelties Ive will showcase through its first concert series is its new album, "I've Mine," set to come out Friday. The girls will give fans an early look into the album's new songs at the Seoul gigs.

"We've talked about (the concept of) 'me' through our songs until now, and the new album continues that story while, at the same time, marking a new start," Wonyoung explained.

One big change for Ive is that it has tripled the title songs fronting the new album: "Either Way," "Off the Record" and "Baddie." Until now, the group has released three singles, "Eleven," "Love Dive" and "After Like," and a full-length album, "I've Ive," which was led by two title songs, "Kitsch" and "I Am."

"We prepared three songs to show 'me' from different perspectives," Wonyoung said, to which Gaeul added, "'Either Way' shows how I'm seen from the outside, "Baddie," a new identity I've discovered inside me, and how we view one another in "Off the Record.'"

The album also included three other side-tracks, "Holy Moly," "OTT" and "Payback." Won-young took part in writing the lyrics for "OTT."

Ive, consisting of Wonyoung, Yujin, Liz, Rei, Gaeul and Leeseo, debuted under Starship Entertainment in December 2021.

"It's truly unbelievable that we're celebrating our second anniversary already. We're grateful to so many people and we look forward to developing ourselves more in the future," Liz shared.

Ive has branded itself as a unique group that continues to reflect on themselves and shares the group's journey through uplifting songs.

"We don't usually get the chance to reflect on ourselves and, luckily, we are able to do it while making our music. Sometimes I feel lost about myself, and that's when I talk to the producers and staff. I discover more about myself through that process and learn how to express myself better, and I think I've become more confident and self-loving through Ive," Yujin said.

On their goals from now on, Wonyoung and Yujin both said they aimed for the group to become more well-known to people on a global scale.

"I think it's important we make our songs more well-known. We hope to gain more of a reputation regardless of the age or our listeners or the concepts we come up with," Wonyoung said.

Liz said she hopes Ive stays as it is now.

"I hope that Ive is remembered as just 'Ive'," she said.