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National intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, performances lined up

By Kim Hae-yeon

Published : Aug. 2, 2023 - 15:17

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Seo Sin-jeong, a master of bamboo case weaving called Seo Sin-jeong, a master of bamboo case weaving called "chaesangjang"(National Intangible Heritage Center)

A series of special events providing opportunities to explore and learn about Korea’s national intangible cultural heritage will take place around the country this month, the National Intangible Heritage Center and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, announced Monday.

A total of 15 performances and exhibitions will take place, showcasing original forms of national intangible cultural heritage.

Among the highlights is the Korean traditional musical instrument exhibition held at the National Gugak Center in Seocho-gu, southern Seoul, from Aug. 17 to 20. Organized by instrument crafts masters, the four-day event will feature a diverse array of traditional instruments, including the "buk" (a barrel-shaped drum), "pyeongyeong" and "pyeonjong" (sets of bells) and various string instruments.

Meanwhile, visitors can observe how "chaesang," or bamboo cases, are made at the Chaesangjang Training Center in Damyang, South Jeolla Province, from Aug. 25 to 27. After the viewing, interested attendees can receive a do-it-yourself kit to make their own bamboo coasters.

"Namsadang nori" (referring to traditional traveling troupes of male performers) and "Hansan mosijjagi" (fine ramie weaving from the Hansan area of South Chungcheong Province) are among the 11 performance and workshop events set to take place in galleries and cultural heritage education centers in Seoul and elsewhere.

A performance of A performance of "Bongsan talchum," the traditional mask dance of Bongsan (National Intangible Heritage Center)

A wide range of programs conducted by master artisans, including performances and exhibitions, will take place in Seoul, Busan and Jeju.

To kick off the series, a joint performance of "Dongnae yaryu" and "Bongsan talchum," two of Korea's traditional mask dances, will be performed Aug. 11, outdoors along Oncheon Stream cafe street in Busan. Additionally, "Busan nongak," the traditional rural music and performance designated intangible cultural heritage by the city, will be featured.

The National Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul will host exhibitions about five different traditional crafts -- "gatil" (hat making), "maedeup" (knot making), "jasu" (embroidery), "jogak" (metal engraving) and "chimseon" (needlework) -- offering guided tours related to each.

Admission is free for all events and exhibitions. Schedules may vary for outdoor events depending on weather conditions. The detailed dates for each event can be found on the National Intangible Heritage Center's official website.