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Twin brother accused of taking exam on behalf of the other

By Lim Jae-seong

Published : May 18, 2023 - 18:38

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Bank of Korea (Herald DB) Bank of Korea (Herald DB)

Twin brothers are under investigation, with one twin allegedly taking an employment exam for a public financial institution on behalf of the other in 2022.

The Bank of Korea and Financial Supervisory Service on Wednesday reported the twin brothers to the police for cheating on their entrance exams, which took place simultaneously on Sept. 24, 2022.

While the younger of the twins took the exam for the BOK, the elder twin took the exam for the FSS, which was taking place in another part of Seoul at the same time pretending to be his younger twin.

The two institutes hold the first step of their recruitment exam on the same day every year to prevent possible confusion from overlapped applications. The BOK and the FSS announced the shared test schedule in advance last year.

With high income and job stability, they were regarded as some of the most preferred destinations for job seekers, for which the day of their simultaneous test was called an “A-match” among would-be employers of financial companies.

Both brothers passed the exams, enabling the younger one to move on in both organizations' recruitment process until he was finally admitted to the BOK, the suspects stated in a BOK internal inspection report.

The internal inspection was done on Monday and Tuesday.

The BOK confirmed that the younger brother attended all recruitment steps by himself after checking his writing style on the test paper.

Their cheating was caught as suspicions were raised by employers of both institutes on the internet community Blind.

The BOK is to take disciplinary action based on the inspection result of the hired employer.