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Eye Level Launches New Visual Communication Design to Celebrate Its 11th Anniversary of Rebranding


Published : May 5, 2023 - 05:21

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SEOUL, South Korea, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Eye Level, a leading educational institution that provides personalized learning for children, has launched a new visual communication design to commemorate its 11th anniversary of rebranding. The institution's new design reflects the evolution of its brand and aims to elevate its visual communication by retaining the core elements of the Eye Level brand while offering a fresh new look.

New Poster Designs
New Poster Designs

The new design concept features an eye-catching design that embodies "Eye Level = individualized learning" and immediately grabs the viewer's attention. With the new slogan, "Learning That's Always at Your Child's Level," Eye Level establishes itself as a leading educational institution committed to child education and personalized learning based on each child's level.

The design consists of three different shapes and primary colors that represent children's diversity and levels. The shapes demonstrate the joy of learning by creating new patterns, while the graphic motifs symbolize that children can grow by themselves through creating various objects.

"Our commitment to providing personalized learning for children that helps them grow and reach their full potential is effectively communicated through our new design," says a representative of Eye Level.

The new visual communication design is a testament to Eye Level's commitment to innovation and delivering the best education for children. With its innovative and eye-catching design, Eye Level continues to capture the attention of its audience and deliver top-quality education that helps children reach their full potential.

About Eye Level

Eye Level is a top provider of Math and English programs for students aged 4 to 15. Their individualized learning programs cater to each child's unique needs and learning style, with academic achievement as their top priority. Depending on a student's level, they will have access to appropriate materials, such as booklets, worksheets, readers, practice problems, and online games.

To learn more about Eye Level and its programs, visit Take the Level Quiz to gauge your skills and gain access to Eye Level's free trial materials today!