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[팟캐스트] (499) '더 글로리' PD, 학폭 인정 "용서 구한다" / 5년 사이 20% 줄어든 전국 산후조리원, 이용료는 27% 올랐다

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Published : March 16, 2023 - 07:01

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진행자: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. ‘The Glory’ producer Ahn Gil-ho admits physical assault as a high schooler, apologizes to victims

기사 요약: '더 글로리' PD, 학폭 인정…"타인에게 상처 줘, 용서 구해"

[1] Producer Ahn Gil-ho of the hit Netflix drama “The Glory” // admitted to physically assaulting students at a neighboring middle school as a high school student, and apologized to the victims in a statement via his attorney on Sunday.

* Admitted: 인정하다; 시인하다

* Physical Assault: 신체적 학대

* Apologize: 사과하다

[2] “After hearing that his girlfriend was teased by a group of her friends at (the middle) school, Ahn got emotional and gave an unforgettable wound to other people,” the statement said.

* Teased: 놀리다; 장난하다

* Get emotional: 감성적이 되다

* Unforgettable: 잊을 수 없는

* Wound: 상처

[3] “Director Ahn said he wants to ask for forgiveness from deep within his heart and would like to meet in person or communicate through the phone to convey his apology to those affected,” it added.

* Ask for forgiveness: 용서를 구하다

* Deep within one’s heart: 마음 속 깊은 곳에서

[4] On Saturday, Ahn had denied all accusations of being a school violence perpetrator when news reports came out Friday following an anonymous post online. The post alleged that Ahn called out a group of younger students who were about 13 years old and physically assaulted them for about two hours for teasing his girlfriend.

* Deny: 부인하다

* Called out: 부르다; 호출하다

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2. W38m for 2 weeks: postpartum care prices in Korea surge

기사 요약: 5년 사이 20% 줄어든 전국 산후조리원, 이용료는 27% 올랐다

[1] The number of postpartum care centers where new mothers are treated right after childbirth dropped sharply amid falling birth rates, but the cost of getting such care surged across the country, particularly in Seoul, data showed on Monday.

* Postpartum care centers: 산후조리원

* Surged: 급증하다.

[2] The average two-week cost for a VIP room was 4.3 million won, about 1.2 million won higher than a standard room, nationwide. // VIP rooms are usually larger than standard rooms and are equipped with additional home appliances such as water purifiers. Also, desserts and special meals are additionally provided to those staying in VIP rooms, according to the ministry.

* Equipped with: ~를 갖춘

* Home appliance: 가정용 전기제품

[3] Postpartum care centers have been a popular choice for new mothers who wish to receive proper care after giving birth. Postpartum care has traditionally been provided by the mother's family members, but with changes in family structure, such personal and hands-on care has been shifting to the private sector.

* Traditionally: 전통적으로

* Shifting: 이동하는

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