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Chula Halal Science Center - A World Leader in Halal Science and Standards


Published : Dec. 20, 2022 - 20:10

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Chulalongkorn University's Halal Science Center links Thai and Muslim kitchens all over the world. Complete with its innovations and Halal standards of service to analyze and verify food products scientifically, the Center also complies with the sanctity required in Islamic law for the assurance of both local and international consumers.   

BANGKOK, Dec. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- "The Chula Halal Science Center is the only institution in Thailand that focuses on scientific and technological research and has developed its innovation following Islamic principles to protect Muslim and non-Muslim consumers as well as to promote scholarship that is accepted internationally. The Center has worked steadfastly for over 20 years," said the Center's director, Associate Professor Dr. Winai Dahlan.

Chula Halal Science Center -  A World Leader in Halal Science and Standards
Chula Halal Science Center - A World Leader in Halal Science and Standards

With Thailand's policy to become the "Kitchen of the World," Chula's Halal Science Center has played a major role and has developed numerous innovations in halal food safety, namely:

HAL-Q (Halal Assurance, Liability–Quality System) is an award-winning full-scale management system with integrated halal food safety standards.

SILK (Shariah-compliant ICT Logistics Kontrol system) is an award-winning, world's first information technology system for the halal supply chain, logistics, and traceability management.

"H-Number is the world's first database for decrypting halal chemicals to replace the E-Number or INS Number codes being used all over the world.

Halal Blockchain technology with all the products information from the source to the destination connected to the digital halal supply chain that can be traced via QR Code, and also prevent fraudulent manipulation of the data, rank the logistics of service providers, sales distributors, and other participants in the halal supply chain based on the efficiency of the service they provide.

The center also features other innovations like clay soap under Islamic law, skin care with Kaolinite and Bentonite and Black Cumin Seed Oil, a 2D-barcode tracking system for halal product delivery trucks (that won an outstanding award at the World Halal Research expo in Malaysia), cold pressed microcapsules from Black Cumin Seed Oil that provide antioxidants, and a simple strip test kit to detect forbidden animal meat using the multiplex PCR technique along with DNA strip (nucleic acid lateral flow).    

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