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[팟캐스트] (485) ‘잘못된 관광정보를 찾아라’ 관광공사 오류제보 이벤트/ 로또 20주년, 1등 당첨 8000명

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Published : Dec. 8, 2022 - 05:53

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A KTO event is launched to find inaccurate foreign language use on Korean public sector tourism websites. (KTO) A KTO event is launched to find inaccurate foreign language use on Korean public sector tourism websites. (KTO)

진행자: 김혜연 / Beth Eunhee Hong

1. KTO out to correct wrong use of foreign languages on tourism sites

기사 요약: 관광안내 관련 외국어 버전 누리집에서 오류를 찾아내는 제보외국이벤트에 나선 한국관광공사

[1] The Korea Tourism Organization is accepting reports on improper use of foreign languages on tourism-related websites operated by public organizations in Korea in a special event running through Dec. 16.

- improper 부적절한, 잘못된, 틀린

[2] The public may submit instances of inaccurate or wrong uses of foreign languages found on English, Chinese and Japanese versions of websites operated by public museums, performance centers and galleries, as well as tourism organizations.

- submit (서류.제안서) 제출하다

- instance 사례, 경우

[3] A list of the relevant websites in the three languages can be viewed at the event page of the KTO's travel website. The winners of some 202 prizes, including a tablet PC, a set of wireless earphones and food and beverage coupons, will be announced Dec. 20 on the website.

- relevant 유관한, 적절한

기사 원문:

2. Lotto 6/45 marks 20th anniversary with 8,000 jackpot winners

기사 요약: 발행 첫 해인 2002년 이후 20년간 총 8000명이 16조원을 받아간 로또

[1] Around 8,000 people have won first prizes for South Korea’s most popular lottery Lotto 6/45 in its 20 years of history, with their combined jackpot totaling 16 trillion won ($12 billion), according to the lottery commission on Monday.

- combined 결합된, 연합의, 합동의

- jackpot 거액의 상금, 대박

[2] According to the Korea Lottery Commission, an organization under the Finance Ministry, the number of first prize winners of the Lotto reached 7,803 as of Nov. 26 this year since its debut back in 2002.

- Korea Lottery Commission 복권위원회

[3] The largest prize money was 40.7 billion won, given to the sole winner of the 19th draw on April 12, 2003. The smallest top prize money recorded was 460 million won in the 546th drawing on May 18 in 2013, when 30 winners appeared.

- draw 추첨, 제비뽑기

- sole winner 유일한 우승자

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