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Wendeng revitalizes its rural community


Published : Nov. 24, 2022 - 08:41

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WEIHAI, China , Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wendeng district of Weihai in China's Shandong province is revitalizing its rural community by calling on the expertise of local professionals, repurposing neglected resources, and adopting some new and revolutionary approaches to the area's agriculture, in a move to boost the growth of the local rural economy, tourism and per capita income.

Making the best use of the expertise of local professionals

The Cultural Center in Wawuzhuang village, Wendeng District is being renovated. As part of an overall plan to increase the income of the village and its residents, once completed, the facility will be used to put on exhibitions highlighting the area's unique agronomy and culture including displays of local artifacts and IP-protected products.

In 2018, Yan Chuanming, an expert in rural revitalization, visited the village. He took some of the unique aspects of the local culture to create China's first cartoon-themed village IP. Now, Wendeng is working with over 360 rural revitalization experts to transform more than 20 villages into themed destinations, each characterized by its own unique theme. One village that is bound to draw interest is Go Town, with a theme based on the Chinese abstract strategy board game Go, also known by its Chinese name weiqi.

Optimizing the use of available resources

This autumn, the hot spring homestay tour to Cikouguan Village in Wendeng was the one that drew the most tourists.

The village had restored 84 former residences that had fallen into disuse into bed and breakfasts with access to hot springs, providing local communities with a new revenue stream.

In addition, the district has increased investments in agriculture. Last year, 920 million yuan (approx. US$129 million) in funding were deployed to implement agriculture-related policies and incentives, leading to the construction of 130 facilities that have served to revitalize the region.

Innovating the agricultural growth model

In Wendeng's Zetou Township, corn is ready for harvest. The local cooperative is working with the agricultural and social service center to provide managed services for local farmers. By doing so, the agricultural model for the area has been transformed from one where each farmer tends their own small plot to a collectively run agribusiness where the heavy lifting is handled by the latest in agriculture equipment, vastly enhancing the stability of each farmer's income.

Wendeng has established a comprehensive agricultural and social service platform supporting the growth of the district and its townships and villages. The green industry alliance consisting of major growers and family farms is playing a key role in rural revitalization.