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[팟캐스트] (479) “이곳에선 타투를 금합니다” 타투 법제화 관련 남은 과제/ 싱가폴의 역사를 품은 휴양지, 센토사섬

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Published : Oct. 27, 2022 - 14:03

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Photo taken along the Siloso Beach Walk of Sentosa Island, Singapore, on Oct. 18 (Kim Hae-yeon/ The Korea Herald) Photo taken along the Siloso Beach Walk of Sentosa Island, Singapore, on Oct. 18 (Kim Hae-yeon/ The Korea Herald)
진행자: 김혜연, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 'No tattoos allowed here'

기사 요약: 자기표현의 수단 문신, 하지만 여전히 타투에 대한 부정적 인식을 가진 시설들을 조명해 본다.

[1] Tattoos were once considered a badge for gangsters in Korea, but they have become a medium of self-expression or a fashion statement among younger generations.

*badge 표, 배지

*self-expression 자기표현

[2] Many are not reluctant to show off their inked skin in public or on social media, but there still persists a societal stigma surrounding the body art.

*reluctant 꺼리는, 마지못한, 주저하는

*inked 잉크를 바르다, (특히 계약서에) 서명하다

[3] A sports center in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, has recently put up a notice that restricts entry of tattooed members. The no-tattoo policy was introduced after complaints from nontattooed members using the swimming pool. “Parents of young children and the elderly members have complained that encounters with tattooed members cause them unpleasant feelings and could have negative effects on children's education,” an employee there told The Korea Herald. “The policy is applied to not just the swimming pool, but all fitness facilities here.”

*encounter 대면, 만남, 접촉

*unpleasant 불쾌한, 불편한

[4] The no-tattoo policy is adopted by some luxury hotels and resorts, as well. The Westin Josun Seoul requires guests with visible tattoos to cover them with patches to enter the indoor swimming pool. “All hotel guests are given a written notice stipulating the operating rules of the swimming pool when checking in. The tattoo restriction has been in place for years. The guests with tattoos usually wear a long-sleeved rash guard for the entry,” said a hotel employee, who wished to be unnamed.

*stipulate 규정하다, 명기하다

*be in place 설치되다, 시행되다

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2. Singapore's relaxing getaway, Sentosa Island

기사 요약: 1972년 관광지로 개발한 싱가포르의 센토사섬 속 역사적 배경과 볼거리를 조명한다.

- Picturesque beauty unfolds on island when nature meets recreation, history

unfold 펴지다, 펼쳐지다

[1] SINGAPORE -- A vast urbanscape with skyscrapers and a vibrant melting pot of diverse peoples and cultures, Singapore's tourism industry is fast recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

*urbanscape 도시경관

*melting pot (많은 사람·사상 등을 함께 뒤섞는) 용광로, 도가니

[2] The multicultural spirit that the country embraces allows tourists to spot the familiar in the unfamiliar, and a taste of home.

*multicultural 다문화의

*embrace (생각·제의 등을 열렬히) 받아들이다

[3] With Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street all located within a short distance, the colorful enclaves of ethnic groups make the country one of the leading tourism hubs in Asia.

*enclave (한 국가나 도시 내의) 집단 거주지

*ethnic group 인종 집단

[4] With Singapore's temperature reaching 32 degrees Celsius in October, staying at the city's urban center can be exhausting at times. For those looking to take some time off from the bustling city, Sentosa Island off the southern coast may be a fun diversion.

*diversion (방향) 바꾸기, 전환

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