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[팟캐스트] (475) 7명 숨진 대전현대아울렛 화재/ 前 재규어 디자이너 “차에 대한 생각 변화가 필요한 시기”

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Published : Sept. 29, 2022 - 08:42

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This photo shows a fire at Hyundai Premium Outlet in Daejeon. (Yonhap) This photo shows a fire at Hyundai Premium Outlet in Daejeon. (Yonhap)

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1. Death toll climbs to 7 in Daejeon outlet mall fire

기사요약: 26일 오전 7시 45분께 대전 유성구 용산동 소재 현대 프리미엄아울렛 대전점에서 대형 화재가 발생해 7명이 숨지고 1명이 크게 다치는 참사가 발생했다.

[1] The death toll from an outlet mall fire in the central city of Daejeon has risen to seven, officials said Monday, as a search is underway to determine whether there are any other victims.

*underway: 진행중인

*determine: 알아내다

[2] The blaze is believed to have started from the basement parking lot at Hyundai Premium Outlet in Daejeon, about 160 kilometers south of Seoul, at 7:45 a.m. and spread quickly on cardboard boxes, sending dark smoke filling the entire floor, according to witnesses and survivors.

*be believed: 믿어지다

*witness: 목격자, 목격하다

[3] Two men, one in his 50s and the other in his 30s, were found with serious injuries and sent to a hospital, but later pronounced dead in the morning. Five more people died later, while a search is underway to confirm the exact extent of the damage from the fire, according to the officials.

*pronounce: 표명하다

*extent: 범위

[4] Some 110 people, mostly customers at nearby accommodation buildings and employees, evacuated. No outlet customers were around, as the fire broke before the mall's business hours.

*accommodation: 거처, 숙소

*evacuate: 대피시키다


2. Former Jaguar designer urges to transform in thinking of cars

기사요약: / 前 재규어 디자이너 “차에 대한 생각 변화가 필요한 시기”

[1] Ian Callum, the man behind the British carmaker Jaguar’s renaissance in recent decades, urged designers to transform the way they interpret transportation as a mere object for mobility, saying that the world that is rapidly changing and facing an array of problems that didn't exist before.

*interpret: 설명하다, 이해하다

*mere: 겨우 의, 단지 만의

[2] “Design creates order out of chaos, but chaos is often required as a prerequisite to being creative,” he said, adding that designers today must come with ideas that not only reflect human emotion in products but also make them practical at the same time.

*prerequisite: 전제 조건

*practical: 현실적인

[3] The 68-year-old British luxury car designer has most recently led the design team of Jaguar Land Rover. Callum, who has over 40 years of experience with major carmakers including Ford and Aston Martin, established his own automotive and product design company, Callum, in 2019.

*automotive: (형용사) 자동차의

[4] Callum said designers should be able to narrate brand stories within their work.

*narrate: 이야기를 하다


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