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By Korea Herald

Published : Sept. 16, 2022 - 10:27

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진행자: 김혜연, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. 3 years after 'No Japan' boycott, sentiment toward Japan starts to thaw

[1] The frozen relationship between South Korea and Japan seems to be thawing, at least among the general public.

* frozen relationship 경색된 관계

* thaw 녹다, 풀리다

[2] Korean people’s positive sentiment toward Japan bounced back to levels last seen in 2019, before Japan imposed trade sanctions on Korea over historical conflicts and S. Koreans responded with the “No Japan” boycott of anything Japanese.

* sentiment 감정, 정서

* sanction 제재

[3] Tension between the two countries intensified after Japan placed export curbs on key high-tech materials crucial for Korean tech firms in July 2019. It was widely viewed here as an act of retaliation against the South Korean top court, which ordered the seizure of local assets of a Japanese company after it refused to compensate several victims of forced labor during World War II. Korea was a colony of Japan at that time.

*retaliation 보복, 앙갚음

*seizure 압수, 몰수

*compensate 보상

[4] In response, Korean people voluntarily boycotted Japanese brands such as clothing retailer Uniqlo and Tokyo-based brewery Asahi.

*retailer 소매상

[5] Almost three years after the flare-up of tensions, a growing number of people from both countries hope for an improvement in ties, the latest survey also showed.

*flare-up 갑작스러운 표출, 확 타오름

*ties 유대관계

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2. Is planting trees the best way to tackle heat waves?

Street trees more effective in tackling heat than canopies, mist-spraying system, says one study

*canopy 캐노피 (덮개)

[1] Every summer, local district governments in Korea are tasked with tackling heat waves in resourceful ways.

*tackle (문제, 상황과) 씨름하다

*resourceful 지략 있는

[2] But while mist-spraying and parasols can cool down the heat, street trees are more effective at keeping temperatures down, according to a new study. Street trees create shade where temperatures are 15.4 degrees Celsius lower than their surrounding areas, according to a study published by the city-funded Seoul Institute of Technology earlier this month.

*keep down 억제하다, 억압하다

[3] Outdoor shade canopies, a popular anti-heat measure adopted by local districts in Seoul, saw temperatures go down by 8.4 C.

*adopted by - 에서 채택된

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