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Dong-A Pharma releases skin cleansing products

By Lee Seung-ku

Published : Aug. 28, 2022 - 13:50

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Fation’s skin cleansing products (Dong-A Pharmaceutical) Fation’s skin cleansing products (Dong-A Pharmaceutical)
Fation, the cosmetics brand of Dong-A Pharmaceutical, said Friday it has launched its weak acid cleansing products – Nosca9 Cleansing Gel and Nosca9 Cleansing Water – to cater to customer demand for skincare products that counteract skin damage caused by wearing face masks in the summer’s heat and humidity.

South Korea’s summers are notorious for being hot and humid. Humidity causes dust particles and other harmful substances to attach to the skin more readily, blocking skin pores and accumulating bodily waste, said the company. The high levels of ultraviolet rays also agitate the skin, while wearing face masks to prevent COVID-19 accelerates skin problems, it added.

The two cleansing products contain Fation’s trademarked substance, Heparin RX Complex, which is made from sodium heparin and panthenol, two chemical compounds known for their moisturizing properties.

The Nosca9 Cleansing Gel product was especially effective in the detergency of ultrafine dust particles, showing a 99.7 percent detergency rate in an experiment performed by the company.

“We hope customers find Fation’s weak acid and hypoallergenic cleansers useful following this year’s summer, which was characterized by monsoons and heat waves that lasted for unusually long periods,” said a Dong-A Pharmaceutical official.

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